Saturday, 9 April 2022

Down in the dumps (yes again)

 Had another terrible night with things going round and round in my mind.  I feel quite despondent over the 'no arthritis' verdict on my x-ray.....and the GP had put a note on saying if pain continues, come and see me in a few weeks.  Well, excuse me, but I've had the pain and problems with knee collapsing for several months now, how much longer am I expected to put up with it?  I don't actually WANT arthritis, but at least if it were, it would be a diagnosis!  Whereas as things stand, I have no idea what's causing the problems, or how long they're likely to last.  I will speak to or see the GP on Monday, I'm just feeling almost brushed off right now.  Jayne, I googled the ligament thing - it could be that, yes, but I'm not a doctor.

I guess I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself (there's other things going on in my life too, which add to it) - it always seems like my health problems get pushed aside all the time and I'm simply left to cope with things on my own, or make arrangements to be seen and treated privately.  Which I can't afford to keep doing.  But yes I do know that others have far worse things happening (before someone tells me that).  But this is happening to me, and nobody helps me with it.

And I woke up this morning with a searing pain in my left shoulder and left side of my neck and it hurts to raise my arm or turn my head.  Must have slept funny (as my dear old Mum used to say), I dare say it'll wear off.

Have just been informed by our Landlord that we'll be having new windows as well as a new roof.  So more upheaval, although of course it will be nice to have new windows and door - the present ones are double glazed, but fit poorly and are draughty, and one upstairs window has never worked since we moved in nearly 10 years ago - if we open it, it practically falls out.  So we don't!  The front door is single glazed and very draughty indeed.  No idea when it will all be done (workmen will come to have a look after Easter apparently), I just hope it will be soonish and not left till winter when we can't decamp to the caravan!

At least it's sunny today and I can get the washing out on the line.


  1. Any way the landlord might be able to work with your schedule/ time at Caravan? I'd think it would be easier for workers when no one is in the home. Take care- it sounds so very frustrating.

  2. Sometimes it can just get too much, can't it? I hope the bneck pain eases off. ((( hugs )))
    The window and roof stuff will be a nuisance but nice when it's done. xx


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