Thursday, 28 April 2022

Salmon, house martins and cows

 It's gone back to being freezing cold, my hands and feet are like blocks of ice and I've just put my lovely thick winter slipper boots and a cardigan on.

Husband was in and out in no time for his x-ray yesterday, hopefully he'll not have to wait too long for the results, or for the podiatrist appointment and the fungal infection test.

I went with him so he could drop me off at the supermarket to pick up a few things I'd forgotten in my shop the other day.....even though I write a list, I still forget things, my brain is still on vacation.  I had a quick look in the reduced cabinet and found a whole side of salmon, yellow stickered to half price, salmon is my favourite fish and it's gone up in price (like everything) quite a lot lately, it had been reduced to £8.01.  Husband has cut it into 12 good size portions, so 66p per portion, great value.

There are now loads of house martins and swallows flying around, I can see them from the lounge window, and a heron has just flown across too.  So over the next week or 2, the house martins will start renewing their nests up in our eaves, there's one in the corner of my bedroom window that is occupied every year.

We might go to the caravan for a few nights, we might not - at the moment I'm not making any firm plans, I just see what I feel like when I get up each morning and go with the flow.  If we do go, we have to be back home for the middle of next week, there are 2 or 3 appointments on the calendar.

The cows have been put back in the front field - they're kept inside barns over winter.  Some of them look very fat so I expect they'll be calving soon.  I like watching the calves, they're funnier than lambs - they act just like lambs do, running around chasing each other and jumping about, it just looks funnier being bigger animals.


  1. Good spot on the salmon and such a bargain.

  2. I think whole sides of salmon are great value too, even at full price. When they are reduced, it's fantastic. xx

  3. You sound less stressed already. Watching the birds and the cattle will relax you, as will a visit to the caravan. My hands and feet always feel the cold too. I crocheted some wrist warmers a couple of years ago, might have to get them out to wear in the house! xx

  4. Well done on the salmon. We start calving within a month and I am looking forward to them. Right now I have as neighbours a bunch of snoopy steers who are always looking at me when I am outside. They ignore the dog who ignores them. She only loves my orphan calves as she sees them as dogs with less privileges than her.

  5. That salmon was a bargain. We would have snapped it up too as it's one of our favourite fish. It's nice to see that you seem a bit chirpier today.

  6. Salmon is a favourite of mine too. What a bargain.

  7. I've got some smoked salmon for my husband and amazed he didn't break into it immediately for his bagels. Not familiar with your prices, but but sounds like a good deal. Many people are blogging about birds. They are slow to return this year here.

  8. Well done on the salmon which, like everything else, seems to have sot up in price.

    Sorry for no blog comments this week, email on its way to you. xx

  9. Good morning! I love watching cows from afar and on the TV as they first get put back out to grass. A farmer once said they are like big daft dogs. However it’s well documented that they are vicious wild animals and I am terrified of them hahaha! I wish I liked Salmon. My dad catches it and gives it away! My friends eat it all the time ! I’ve tried it and tried it but not for me! But I’m glad you got a mega bargain - I do believe it tastes better! And then I always think, we’ll the supermarket will still be making a profit on that yellow sticker so why not sell it at that in the first place?


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