Thursday 14 April 2022

One thing after another

 Husband is feeling unwell again, stress is getting to us both.  He's coping by spending hours outside, digging and planting things.  After a few days of not wearing my knee support, my knee gave way again yesterday coming downstairs, I twisted my wrist grabbing hold of the handrail and it's sore as hell today.  So it's back to wearing the support.  And to add to the misery, I wet myself yesterday - I've suffered both stress and urge incontinence for a couple of years now, my shameful little secret.  I was offered medication, which I declined having read the side effects, and kegel training (pelvic floor exercises) over the phone!  Which I also declined.  They offered to send me paperwork instead, several weeks later and I still haven't received it.  So I've looked it up myself online.  Seems nobody wants to offer actual face to face help nowadays.

We're off to the caravan tomorrow for a complete break, we'd go today but have things to do.


  1. There are you-tubes of pelvic floor exercises and there is an NHS app, too. Have you asked your Dr about a physio appointment?
    Hope your knee won't give you anymore bother, sounds really painful

    1. Yes, it was the physio who said they're only doing the appointments over the phone....despite my consultant saying I needed a face to face appointment. I'll look on you tube, thanks.

  2. Oh Sooze, I feel for you and can sympathize. I now use Tena pads (Discreet) when I'm out for a long walk and know there are no facilities. They are freely available in Supermarkets, comfortable, don't leak and will keep you dry. There are all sorts of different ones, including pants but I find the "discreet" very easy to use and aptly named.

  3. The joys of womanhood, lol
    I think a lot of suffer from the rush to the loo if you can get there in time syndrome, I do after 3 kids.
    At least it's spoken about now and even advertised on tv, not like the old days.
    I tried the exercises but gave up, just bought the necessaries and merrily go about my day. lol
    I wouldn't worry about it Sooze, just let it all go. Ha Ha.
    As for the knee, who knows what is wrong there, its so upsetting when there is not help out there now isn't it?
    Get away to your van and leave the worries behind.

  4. If it's not one thing then it's another isn't it, oh the joys of getting older and being a woman. It's a good job we all have a sense of humour. Sarah Millican is good for taking the piss out of all womanly woes in some of her routines, she just says it as it is ... maybe that was the wrong word to use, taking the mick might have been better!!

  5. I have a prolapse and was given a ring to wear in the "area" but as an active equestrian it left me very incontinent when riding so I ask to see a consultant about it. She said I shouldn't have had the ring as a very active person but recommended exercises from the hospital physo. I must admit having been explained properly they did work after a couple of visits so I would suggest them through a qualified physo. Su

  6. Oh, you poor darling. What a bluddy rotten day. Enjoy your break a the van.

    For lots of reasons I always swore I would never use HRT. However, that changed a few months ago and I'm delighted that the hot flushes and lots of other well-known menopause symptoms are now under control.

    What I did not realise that bladder urgency can be caused by an over sensitive bladder lining, which can be caused by a drop in hormones, and for me the HRT patches have completely reversed that problem.

    Hope that is not TMI 😉 🙃 I wish I had started HRT treatment years and years ago.

  7. As others have said, the joys of being a woman of a certain age. As I've got older, I find sometimes I can't quite make it to the loo in time, too. I hope you and hubby can get some relief from all the stresses. I prescribe a few days at the caravan and shut out the world. Not a long term solution, I know, but better than nothing. Hugs. xx

  8. It seems to be a big thing for women over a certain age - it's a worry for me too - and, perhaps because it tends to be a feminine problem, isn't really taken that seriously by the medical world, like so many other feminine medical issues. It makes me cross when I think about it!
    Sending love to you. xx


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