Monday 13 June 2022

A heads up - bargains in Morrisons

 I read this morning on FB (it's useful for some things!) that Morrisons currently have an offer on 213g tins of something called Coho Salmon - I'd never heard of it, but it seems it's a type of salmon.  They are currently selling them (a discontinued line) for 75p, reduced from £2.  I love tinned salmon, in a sandwich or made into fishcakes, so thought I'd go and get some, if they had any left.  They did, I bought 8 tins (they had quite a lot left on the shelf.....the top shelf, almost out of eyesight.

Whilst in there, I had a quick look in the yellow sticker fresh food cabinet - I'm glad I did, they had 500g packs of spreadable Welsh butter reduced from £3 down to £1.80, with a use by date of 28 Sept 2022.  Again they had lots, so I bought 4 packs, seeing as the price of butter has skyrocketed recently.

So just in case you have a Morrisons near you, and you eat canned salmon and butter, you might want to go and see if they have any in your local.


  1. Thanks, but I'll pass! Lactose intolerant vegetarian, trying to be vegan. But there are bargains to be had, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. xx

  2. Brilliant heads up thanks, but our nearest Morrisons is in Morecambe ... and as you know I can't eat butter and don't eat fish, dairy intolerant and vegan. I'm sure there are lots of folk that are pleased with this news though.

    You just can't satisfy some of us can you ;-)

    1. How ironic that the first 2 readers to comment are both unable to make use of these offers! Sorry K and S ;-)

  3. I've just been reading about the strange fish that people were encouraged to try in Wartime so hope the unusual salmon is OK! especially as you have bought so many tins.

  4. Sooze, if you see that bargain again, don't forget that butter freezes very well. But like Sue and HH I would have passed on the tinned fish.

  5. We have Coho salmon here in Canada. It is a dark red and delicious.

  6. My Dad used to catch salmon off the coast of Vancouver. Coho was always a treat when he brought it home. He wasn't very good at identifying the fish and it wasn't until it was gutted that we knew it was a Coho.

  7. That is an excellent price on the salmon. As the person says before me we have it in Canada (comes from the west coast), but never at that price.

    God bless.

  8. I'm in western Canada and we eat lots of coho salmon. You probably haven't heard of it because it comes from the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Canada. You won't be disappointed, it's very good.


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