Tuesday 28 June 2022

Feeling yuck again

 I got all my jobs done yesterday morning, but it wiped me out.  Early afternoon I went upstairs and slept for an hour, then stayed up there to read for the rest of the afternoon.  Husband cooked tea - ham, egg and chips, I couldn't eat all of it.  Started feeling progressively worse so went to bed early, just before 9 pm I think, and had one of the worst nights ever.  Slept fitfully for about 3 hours or so, then that was that.  Had to come downstairs twice, the first time for Betty, she was standing at the front door woofing around 1 am, I thought there must be an animal or something in the front garden, turned out to be a helicopter flying low somewhere nearby.  Couldn't get back to sleep after that, my throat was very dry and scratchy, crushing headache, neck glands sore again and everything ached.  Had to go downstairs again for another glass of water, I'd drunk all of the one I took upstairs.  Sat in my recliner chair reading, finally dozed off about 4.30 ish then was awake again just after 6.

I've now done 3 Covid tests and all of them were negative, so it's not that.  I think Happy Hooker might be right about us all picking up bugs now most people aren't wearing masks anymore - I've stopped wearing mine, except if the shop is very busy (I always keep one in my bag and we have them in the car) and notice that few people wear masks now.

So today I'm back to feeling like death warmed up.  I'm going to try a week of only doing what's necessary in the mornings, and going upstairs to nap or read every afternoon.  I've not got much of an appetite right now, but will work out a very healthy 7 day meal plan, consisting of wholegrains, nuts/seeds and mostly veg and fruit based meals with some chicken and fish.  Husband says he doesn't mind doing it as well, as long as there's plenty of it (being a man, he's got a much bigger appetite than me).

Husband seems unaffected by whatever I've got - well, so far at least.  Got the neighbour's 70th birthday party on Saturday, whether or not I go remains to be seen.  They're having it in the garden, weather permitting, and there'll be around 20 to 25 people there.


  1. Our immune system relaxed when we were all locked away, now with all these different bugs, I don't think it's working properly yet, I hear so many people with no energy, myself included.

  2. Oh gosh, this doesn't sound good at all. Your idea of just doing the necessary in the mornings and resting in the afternoons sounds like a bloody good idea. Take care. xx

  3. I do hope you feel better soon. A sore, tickly throat is bad enough, but combine that with tiredness and sleeplessness - not good. Your idea of resting every afternoon and having healthy food sounds a good plan. Nothing too heavy or stodgy and stuff you can pick at as and when you feel like it. It's about all you can do! Do you take any supplements? Vitamin D is good for boosting the immune system. xx

  4. Sounds like flu, which does occur during summer occasionally?

  5. Just last night, a friend rang me and said that he felt absolutely cream-crackered (or similar!) and found it impossible to do the smallest task without having to sit down and rest afterwards. I assured him that he is not alone - so many people have the same malady, whatever it is.
    He has always taken his dog walking on the Moor every morning and every evening; now he takes her in the car, lets her do her toileting then returns home. Not like him at all - he is such a walker.

  6. That sounds rotten - I'm so sorry you're feeling rough again. Resting as much as possible sounds a very good scheme to me. xx

  7. So very sorry that you are feeling ill once again. I think you have a great plan to nap in the afternoon and only do what is necessary.

    God bless.

  8. Feel better
    I can finally comment


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