Sunday 19 June 2022

Busy weekend and first pickings

 I've been busy this weekend at home.....bags unpacked and repacked, 2 loads of washing done, meals planned for next week, shopping list done (got the little bit of shopping we need this morning).  Bread made (husband did the bread), meals cooked yesterday and today.  Dog food made for Betty.  Bit of banking done, new car insurance sorted out for husband.  Haircut appointment made for next Saturday.  Will be going back to the caravan tomorrow for a rest!

Husband picked some veg from the garden, vacuumed downstairs, then emptied out the old car and gave it a quick hoover out and wash.

Getting on ok with the air fryer, have used it a few times now, still at the experimental stage but I am liking it a lot.  Husband didn't bake the bread in it in the end, he chickened out.

Roasting a big chicken for lunch today, in the normal oven as it was too big for the air fryer, we're having the legs for lunch and I'll strip the rest of the meat off the bones to take to the caravan.  I'm also roasting the first of our home grown beetroots, golf ball sized and delicious, along with the first small yellow courgettes.  Isn't it nice when you start eating the first of your own produce?  We've had several pickings of salad leaves and radishes at the caravan.....home grown radishes have such a lovely peppery flavour, unlike supermarket ones which have none.  Our strawberries are late this year, but a few are starting to turn red now.

Husband's just had a phone call from his daughter for Father's Day, she sent him a cheeky card as usual, makes him laugh.  Had to be a Moonpig one rather than hand picked and written, as she's got Covid.  As she's asthmatic, she was quite poorly for a couple of days, but is feeling alright now.

Just got to pack the food in the cool box in the morning, then we'll be back off to the caravan.  Forecast to be nice weather for the week, sunny and warm but not stiflingly hot like last week, thank goodness.


  1. My, you have been busy. You put me to shame! I finally got round to planting salad leaf and rocket seeds, so they're ready now. Just had to finish the salad leaves I bought, which were going a bit slimy even though they've been kept in the fridge. Much better to cut my own as needed. I hope your husband's daughter is OK. My son in law caught Covid, pre-vaccine, and it caused his childhood asthma to return. He's had some bad spells with it, but fingers crossed, has been able to come off most of the medication. Enjoy the time at your happy place - and the new car - Woo Hoo! xx

  2. It all sounds lovely and I'm very glad your d i l feels better. xx

  3. Gosh you sound busy!! Home grown radishes are a whole different thing aren't they, as you say nothing like the supermarket offerings.

  4. golly you have been busy.


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