Saturday 18 June 2022

Quick turnaround

 Home this morning as we have a few things to do, then back here again Monday afternoon, for probably the rest of the week.

Boy wasn't it hot yesterday, thankfully there was a bit of a breeze to calm it down a bit.  I'd constructed a sort of tent for Betty in the garden -  a bath towel over the backs of 2 chairs - but she wouldn't even get under it.  We have a cool gel mat for her in the caravan, she does put her head on it!  I wrung a teatowel out in cold water and put that over her, she puts up with it for about 5 mins then shakes it off.  She did keep hydrated with lots of cold drinks though, I refilled her bowl with fresh water umpteen times throughout the day.

Fortunately it's much less hot today, some brief showers forecast, it's quite humid and muggy at the moment rather than the dry baking oven heat we've had the past couple of days.

Looking forward to the arrival of the new car next week, and seeing the back of the old one.


  1. I don't like it too hot. Mind you, I don't like it too cold either! What a great day it will be when you wave goodbye to the old car and its problems. I bet there won't be any tears shed!😢 xx

  2. Lucky you having this heat. It rained yesterday and today it is cloudy and far too breezy to survive in anything than a fleece top and jeans. Seeing as Midsummer is only days away, I reckon that is pretty normal for us 🤪

    When it got too warm for my darling Daisy I would sometimes put a fan on and she would lie near it. Of course, there's now the cost of LX to run it which needs considering. I also used to "torture" her with wet towels!

    Might Betty like to crunch cold things? I used to freeze a VERY dilute chicken stock solution as giant icecubes (using old yoghurt pots) and all our dogs seem to have enjoyed working through their own frozen lollies and consumed an amount of ice-cold liquid at the same time 🐾

    1. Good idea re the chicken stock ice cubes, thanks!

  3. Mavis seems to like to bake herself in the hot sun and then retreat to the shade to cool off briefly before going straight back into the sunshine. Suky on the other hand just lies in the shade, as do I whenever possible. The actual sunshine didn't last long for us but the heat did.

  4. Friday was baking. I opened front and back doors and there was quite a nice draft through and later on it cooled a bit and I say out in the shade of the garden. Lovely. xx


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