Monday 6 June 2022


 Monday morning and it's as quiet as the grave here now, apart from the distant hum of traffic.  Nearly everyone has gone home now, other than the lovely C & J next door, and one couple down in the long-term tourers.  I've never seen it so quiet actually, although I'm guessing the weather forecast for the coming week has a lot to do with it - showers or heavier rain spells all week.  C & J are going home today, as are we.  We've now spent a total of 34 nights here at the van since the site reopened on 1 March, how lucky are we.  

I paid the annual site fees the other day, so am happy with the knowledge that we have another full year to look forward to in the van.  It's been an absolute godsend, I really don't know what I'd have done without it, it truly is my haven.....peaceful surroundings with lovely views, a pretty garden to sit in, and the most wonderful friendly neighbours we could have asked for.  But not just C & J - all the other van owners here are so friendly, we're greeted by name with a beaming smile every time we come.  The owner is nice and very amenable, and I've developed a warm friendship with his OH, a fellow dog owner, we have lots of chats.  I feel wrapped up in a warm comforting hug just being here, the community spirit here is just amazing.

It's made me determined to keep up with the annual site fees for as long as we can.  Seeing my savings account so depleted after paying the fees is a bit eyebrow raising, so I must do whatever I can to keep adding to it to save up the fees for next year.  In common with everyone, all of our utility bills have gone up, with another potentially big increase in energy costs later in the year - I'm grateful that the (millionaire) Chancellor has seen fit to give us a bit more help.  As for food and petrol/diesel costs - they continue to rise on a weekly basis.  Husband's State pension and my small private pension have gone up too.....not by much, but every little helps.  But we are on a fixed income, we have no way of getting any more money, well, not unless husband finds some more things to sell at a car boot sale.  So I have to try and juggle things around and make even more savings on the shopping bill, little adjustments on the way we use electricity, and only using the car when necessary.

I'll give it some thought over the next few days and see what I can come up with.  Paying the caravan site fees is a priority.

Oh, and edited to say.....weren't the Platinum Party at the Palace and the Pageant yesterday brilliant?  Especially the intro with the Queen and Paddington Bear - genius, and what a bloody good sport our amazing Queen is.


  1. With hindsight I suppose, given how much everyone enjoyed the "James Bond" opening to the Olympics, a skit like Paddington Bear could have been expected. But it was a delight to watch and see a glimpse into Her Majesty's often reported sense of humour.

    I loved the nod towards the often asked question "what DOES the Queen keep in her handbag".

  2. She has a wicked and cheeky smile, doesn't she?
    I'm so glad you are having such a lovely time there and how reassuring to know that you've got it for the whole year now with time to save for the following year. xx

  3. I watched it all on you tube tv…loved it…loved it…glad you are safe in your happy place.

  4. Your home from home community sounds wonderful. Yes, definitely prioritise the site fees, your happy place is priceless! I only watched parts of the Jubilee celebrations, but I loved Paddington, of course and HM had a wicked twinkle in her eyes. The light show was spectacular. Imagine choreographing the whole thing - now that would give you a major headache! I bet there were many huge sighs of relief that it all went so well. xx

  5. I'm hoping it's still available to watch for a while via Brit box. I watched the shirt Paddington-Queen vignette, sweet. Not knowing how much the annual fee is or your pensions, from what I've read, you will find a way to keep your special place paid for. I can't offer anything for tips towards savings but wish you luck and creativity.

  6. It's a shame the caravan site isn't a residential one, you could make your happy place your home and it would be so much cheaper to live for the future. I would go back to Van life in a heartbeat if I could. Anyway getting the next years fees together as and when you can sounds like a really good idea. Once that bank total goes up again you will be able to relax.

  7. It would egrets if the made it year round living but might be too small year round?…

  8. Loved the Queen with Paddington Bear. Good for you in planning how to pay the fees for next year already. A bit of saving here and there (though things are ridiculously high) and you will have it.

    God bless.


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