Thursday 2 June 2022

So kind

 Sorry for the absence, I've not had the computer on.  Not that I felt like posting anything, anyway.  

We've been lucky with the weather here at the park, lots of warm sunshine, although a bit windy now and then.  More people have arrived, holidaymakers in touring vans and tents rather than other static owners, I guess some of them aren't yet retired so only come at weekends.  Although there are more people, including young children and teenagers, here now, they're mostly down the bottom end of the park nearest the road, so it's still very quiet up here where we are.  And being a bank holiday, there's less traffic about - not that we notice the traffic much up here anyway.

We've been the recipients of some amazing kindness the past couple of days, there are some lovely people here.  We've got a couple of trough tubs for growing salad leaves and radishes, we wanted to put them up on the van garden fence to keep them away from the slugs and snails, especially since we won't always be here to keep an eye on them.  Husband mentioned to our lovely van neighbours that he was going to buy some metal brackets to put them thing we knew, Charlie had made some out of wood (he was a carpenter before retirement and says he likes to keep his hand in....he's 85!).  He said it was by way of a thank you for the fruit cake I'd given them.....I'd made a big fruit cake last week, specifically to bring and share with the neighbours.

And the park owner's other half, who I get on very well with, has this morning given us a lovely sturdy wooden dog ramp, it has a non-slip mat, is foldable and brand new.  She bought it for her gorgeous lovely-natured but elderly and infirm Labradoodle, so she can get in the car easily.....only her dog doesn't like it and flatly refuses to step on it!  Whilst Betty has no trouble getting in our car (she's very good at jumping), there will come a time when she probably won't be able to, so N offered it to us for the future and refused to take any money for it, even though it's brand new and good quality.

We've made some really lovely friends here on the park, people who are genuine and so very kind.  It's a mutual thing, everyone offers loans of tools and a helping hand if any jobs need doing, another neighbour who was going home on Monday offered husband the use of his long ladder so he could clean out our van gutters, he even brought it over and said no rush to get it done, just stick it back under his caravan when husband had finished.  Charlie next door often borrows husband's tools, husband borrows his too.  Husband helped him with a small job on his van today, after telling C what type of thing he needed to buy, as C wasn't sure.  We all water each other's plants and strim lawn edges, etc, when the owners aren't here.  It's such a lovely community to be a part of, it restores my faith in human nature, which has taken a knock lately.  It's a year today since we bought the van, truly the best investment we ever made.

I've actually started doing some drawing again today, for the first time in ages.  Whilst firmly in the grip of the depression, I'd not felt like drawing, cardmaking or indeed any craftwork.  A friend a few weeks ago suggested that my drawing had possibly been just a fad, which I have to say annoyed me a bit, especially since I'd made several cards for that friend and her husband.  The only reason I hadn't done any recently was that it just wasn't something I could focus on, too much concentration required when my mind wasn't in the right state for that.

As for the bathroom - it's ok, it wasn't as bad as I first thought.  In actual fact, the amount of water I spilt was probably only around a cupful, but because water goes everywhere, it seemed like loads.  The bath mat and my slippers were soaked, but I mopped up most of the water with a towel and husband finished the rest as I was crying too much to see.  The bathroom is directly opposite the van door, so with both doors and the windows open, it dried up in no time.  So no harm done, except to my very fragile mental state.

Thank you everyone for your lovely supportive comments, you don't realise just how much they're appreciated and how much they help.


  1. Hugs to you, when you feel you need one...feel one from me!

  2. Sounds like you are doing better…I am so glad…

  3. I am glad you are slowly getting back into your crafts. I envy you being able to draw as I really can't.

    God bless.

  4. I love reading this post and to hear about the wonderful community. We need our village.

  5. Hugs. I am glad you are in such a lovely place.

  6. What a lovely gift for Betty, hope it will be a very long time before she needs it.
    I like to think that in general, more people are lovely and kind than not. Trouble is, the small minority often appear to have more power and screw things up for the rest of us. Whether it is a noisy or inconsiderate neighbour, or Putin, or something in between.

  7. I love reading your posts about the van, the site sounds truly fantastic We live on the east coast and have started looking at a van on a site , but the annual fees are very high, seem to average £5k + per year !! these often have facilities such as swimming pools etc which we are not interested in. Our search continues as one like yours sound perfect for our needs.

  8. What a lovely, kind and caring community you've landed in. Is it really a year since you bought the van? WOW, how the time has flown, and how much work you've put in to turn an ugly duckling into a swan! I'm glad you're feeling relaxed enough to start crafting again. Losing yourself in something creative is good for the soul. And I'm glad the bathroom disaster wasn't as bad as you thought. xx

  9. How wonderful to have such a caring community around you, fitting all together, sounds just perfect. Glad the bathroom incident hadn't turned into a disaster, things always feel a lot bleaker when one is down and sometimes the tiniest bit is just the last straw and maybe your reaction to it at the time was just a way of letting it all out, hopefully it was cathartic.xx

  10. It sounds like your lovely van neighbours are helping you in so many ways. People are good aren't they. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx


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