Sunday 12 June 2022

It's working

 I think I've galvanized husband into action, at last.  He had already planted 4 tomatoes (1 of which died from lack of watering, I think) 4 courgettes (ditto!), Charlotte potatoes and some leeks, but had done next to nothing else.  Yesterday when we got back from the garden centre, he got straight on with cutting back the very overgrown hedges, good for him, he's not finished yet but will do today, hopefully.  I know he gets puffed out when doing lots of physical work, but have told him that he doesn't need to go at it like a bull in a china shop, he should take regular breathers.  Even if he just does 1 hour a day, he'll soon get things done, but he does need to do it regularly every fine day.  We're not going out in the car much now, unless we have to, because of the ridiculously high fuel prices, so he's got plenty of time.

At the garden centre we got another 2 tomatoes, 3 mini cucumbers, a pot of one dozen runner beans (I looked through all the pots and chose one that actually had 15 plants in it) and another yellow courgette.  One of the neighbours gave us a dozen beetroot plants that he had left over.  Husband has now sown some more beetroot seeds and some carrot seeds.  We've also got a trough of cut and come again salad leaves, both here in the front garden and at the caravan, where I've also sown a small trough of radishes, and we have 2 cherry tomato plants there at the van as well.  So I'm now happy that we have plenty of veg to come.

Although we will be spending a lot of time at the caravan (we're off there again later this week, just for 3 or 4 days), it's no bother to come home once a week if we're staying at the van for a week or two.  So we can water the veggies and soft fruits and pick whatever's ready, and I can do a quick wash load and take it back to the van.  I have a small rotary line there so the washing can be pegged out.  I've decided that if and when my tumble dryer packs up (it does make quite a lot of noise, so I don't suppose it'll last much longer), I'm not going to get it repaired or replaced - it's already been repaired under warranty once, the warranty has now expired.  In view of the massive surge in energy prices, it's just too expensive to use.

I made lamb & mint burgers yesterday for dinner, they're so much nicer than bought ones.  I also made a week's worth of dog food.  I've got a bit of pastry left over in the freezer, so might make some cheese biscuits or straws with that today.....there's also some leftover bread so could make a bread pudding as a treat for husband for his hard work in the garden, he loves bread pud.


  1. Sounds like progress! We got rid of our dryer when we downsized and we bought a dehumidifier which has a "drying clothes" option which works a treat. So much cheaper. In all honesty, there are really only a couple of months in the year when hanging washing outside isn't an option (I live in the same neck of the woods as you) so it works well for us. Enjoy your day!

  2. Good for your husband. Sometimes, when there's a lot to do, it can be overwhelming, but I always remember the old Chinese proverb, " The man (or woman!) who wishes to move a mountain must begin by moving the first stone." I try not to use our dryer, too. I have clothes horse which I stand in the spare bedroom which gets the sun, in cold or wet weather. I also don't put the washing machine on as often. If clothes are genuinely dirty or sweaty, yes, otherwise they live to see another day (or two). xx

  3. Well done 😉
    I think many of us are not using electric-guzzling things like tumble dryers very much. In the summer my clothes hang outdoors or on a twizzle-thing by a sunny window. Unfortunately, up here putting washing outside isn't something we can get away with much of the year.

  4. A tumble drier was the first big outlay for me when I first moved to Cornwall; I could never have kept up with my sons' schoolwear otherwise. Now it's just me on my own, I only need to use it for bedding and towels when it's too wet to put the washing outside. Smaller items go on the airer in front of the hall radiator with windows open. Don't ever think that Cornwall is all sunshine and hot days!!! That's why it's so green. However, I am able to economise on the heating so it's swings and roundabouts.

  5. Great plans. I have never owned a dryer and I live with a cold winter and continual snow from the end of October until late April. It was trickier when I was using cloth diapers. I just picked up a second drying rack yesterday at a rummage sale. I use ones with thin wire ones so I can hang the clothes with pegs. They dry faster than draping them over the wires.

  6. My husband is 70 and retired and does something everyday. Not into gardening but cutting our grass, fixing things and keep our area looking nice. There is always something to do when you have some land.

  7. Great progress. A bit a day will see it all completed.

    God bless.


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