Tuesday 11 October 2022

A nightmare journey

Thank you for all the comments, and I seem to have a few new readers - welcome one and all.

I collected my new electric airer yesterday, it seems to work fine - thanks for the suggestion to put a sheet or duvet over it to keep the heat in, that's a good idea.  However, it's a lovely sunny day again today so another wash is on the line and should hopefully dry well like it did yesterday's wash.

We had to go to a village the other side of Bridgwater yesterday, it's about 40-45 mins drive under normal circumstances.  However, there are roadworks this week on the journey into Bridgwater, with 4-way traffic lights, which would have meant waiting in traffic for 10 mins or so.  Husband absolutely hates sitting in traffic - a legacy from all his years as a lorry driver, I think.  So he decided we'd go across country - the scenic route, he calls it.  It may well be scenic, but I'm not overly keen on the way he goes - the lanes are extremely bendy and narrow, with few passing places, often necessitating vehicles reversing some distance to get to a passing place.  The lanes are bumpy as well, as they're used by lots of farm vehicles and aren't very well maintained, so it's not a comfortable ride at all.  It's ok for a Sunday afternoon leisurely drive out, but not when you've got an appointment somewhere that you need to get to on time.  

Husband took a wrong turning at one point and didn't immediately realise - I was no help as I had absolutely no idea where we were, I didn't recognise the area at all.  I couldn't use the satnav on my phone as there was no phone signal!  So what he claimed would have been an easier and quicker route to where we were going, turned into a frantic drive deep in rural areas halfway around the county - or so it seemed.  We kept meeting up with other vehicles and having to get right over into the hedge, or reverse to a passing place, and on one occasion nearly had a head-on collision with another car coming round a bend at speed - husband wasn't exactly going slow either, since he realised we were going to be late (he's already been done for speeding twice in the past).  By the time we finally arrived, fortunately only 10 mins late (but that was because we'd left home early anyway because of the expected roadworks), my nerves were in shreds, I was irritable and stressed up to the eyeballs and had a tension headache.  I've told him he can bloody well sit in the traffic with a bit of patience like everyone else in future, I can do without all that stress. 😒

He's doing a lot of gardening jobs today - with no grumbles.  His way of getting back in my good books, I think.  I've got some more plants to put in, whilst he's hedge cutting and clearing away the rest of the now dead veg plants.

We're going to the caravan tomorrow, just for the day, to do a few odd jobs and bring home some stuff that won't be left in the van over the winter period.


  1. Are you entirely sure that your husband isn't Tony's twin? He sounds so much like him. I've had many a journey like that with him.

  2. Yes, a leisurely drive down country lanes is one thing, but no good if you're in a hurry. Mine gets ratty with me as I'm the one with the map, and he expects me to know what road we're on even if there are no road signs. The car has sat nav, but will he use it? Nah! Glad he's continuing to do those jobs. Maybe he's realised it's not fair to let you do everything. xx

  3. Mercy. You are totally patient...whew...good luck...hope you get your summer home closed and cozy...enjoy your last few days there. Maybe sometime you should go there for a few days and nights alone each year. ME time.

  4. As the saying goes - more haste, less speed. Maybe it is a lesson learnt, who knows? Country lanes can be an absolute nightmare and that 'scenic route sounds awful. No wonder you were irritable and stressed.
    Hoping the headache has gone now. xx

  5. I don't blame you for being stressed. Lesson learned by Hubby I hope.

    God bless.


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