Sunday, 2 October 2022

Strictly and off again

 I had my hair cut by my lovely hairdresser neighbour on Friday, it's been about 3 months since I last had it done.  Whilst I do quite like my hair longer, being fine and thin (another downside of old age!) it just hangs limply when it's too long.  It's a nice neat cut, I do like it, but now more of the grey is showing so I need to colour it again....unless I decide to just go grey.  Unlikely, I tried that once before and it's just not me....I'll probably be dyeing my hair blonde until arthritis stops me lifting my arms up!

It's 06.38 and is still really dark outside....I hate winter and these dark mornings and evenings with a passion.  And it's not even winter yet!

I had to go to bed straight after Strictly finished last night, after all the shifting furniture around and being busy with other stuff, my body was on the brink of shutting down.  It gets like that sometimes, when I've not been getting enough rest.  Fine today though, thank goodness, as I've got lots to do this morning.  We're having Sunday lunch early (we normally have it around 4pm ish on a Sunday) and then going to the caravan this afternoon.  Staying probably until Wednesday, I doubt there'll be many other owners there so it'll be really quiet.....especially since husband will be spending the days here at home with the decorator, so the van will be a TV-free zone 😁.  I've got lots of books in the van, a bagful of crochet (another lap blanket on the go) and will be taking my craft stuff to make a start on Christmas cards.  Betty will be keeping me company.....when husband isn't around, she's as good as gold, he tends to tease her and wind her up (he calls it playing with her).

So.....Strictly Come Dancing - do you watch it?  Who are your early favourites?  Will Mellor for me, he did a fantastic dance last week but looked a bit strained this week.  The wildlife photographer Hamza, with the amazingly long dreadlocks (practically floor length, he's clearly never had them cut) is also a bit of a surprise....for a big bloke, he's amazingly light on his feet and has plenty of rhythm.   Each year though there seem to be more and more so-called celebs who I've actually never heard of - 4 of them this year I don't know at all, and another 4 or 5 only vaguely.  I reckon the footballer (never heard of him, but then I don't follow football) or the Loose Woman will be the first out tonight.  I'm always a bit cynical about the ones claiming to have no dance experience....such as Helen Skelton, who apparently won a tap dancing competitition when she was younger.  Oh, and I don't like the singer Matt Goss much, despite liking Bros years ago.....he's a bit weird now I think, he's very image conscious (his face has clearly been worked on and his hair dyed) and seems a bit stiff and overthinks everything.  I like the ones who just throw caution to the winds and are just determined to enjoy Will, and the Radio 2 presenter Richie Anderson - he's like a big excitable puppy and, being gay, he's so bouncy, full on and demonstrative....I think his pro partner, the lovely Giovanni, is a bit wary of him!

Can you tell I'm a Strictly superfan?! 😂


  1. I don't do Strictly, never seen the fascination. I gave up dyeing my hair years ago. Partly laziness (well probably mostly, if I'm honest!) and partly because I have patches of scalp psoriasis, and find the dye irritates it. Time on your own at the caravan sounds like bliss. A TV-free zone - what's that?🤣 xx

  2. Enjoy your quiet time doing crafts, and reading. I envy you that.

    God bless.

  3. I love strictly and,. at the moment, I am gunning for Ellie and Nikita although there's definitely some very promising others too and some great personalities!. It's not until the middle that the obviously less good ones all get weeded out , is it, and then the sadness starts! :-)
    Have a lovely week. xx

  4. I don't watch Strictly, never have but I should imagine it's very addictive once you get into it, and a bit of sparkle on these lovely dark Autumn evenings is to be appreciated. Yes, I love the dark nights and mornings, it's almost like nature gives us permission to hole up at home and be super cosy.

    If Hamza is a Rastafarian, which I think he is his hair will never have been cut, isn't it magnificent.


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