Saturday 1 October 2022

Health stuff being sorted

 As I mentioned before, husband was discharged by his cardiologist into the care of his GP 3 years ago.  He was supposed to have yearly checks for his heart failure, but - well, you know - Covid intervened and GP services practically disappeared.  So he's had no heart checks since being discharged.  Well, he's been getting breathless after even mild exertion lately, and certainly is more tired and more reluctant to do anything at all.....he's going to wear the sofa out with all the lying on it watching falling asleep in front of the TV he does.  I've been telling him for weeks he should go back to the GP, but he hasn't bothered.  Well, yesterday morning I made sure he rang the GP first thing, and he got an appointment for 9.15.  Our surgery has a new system now.....oddly, we can't make appointments in advance, but if we ring first thing in the morning we can choose to either see a GP that same day or have a phone appointment.

The GP gave him a good going over - listened to his heart & lungs, checked his breathing, pulse and oxygen levels.  He's arranged for husband to have a blood test, ECG and chest x-ray (he had the x-ray yesterday afternoon, the blood test and ECG are next Wednesday).  He's also referred him back to the cardiologist.  The GP thinks he may be having mild angina symptoms again and has given him a new GTN spray and tablets to take as an interim measure until he sees the cardiologist.  So that's husband sorted - or on the way to being sorted.

So it's just me now.  I should be able to make an appointment to see the GP next Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how soon the decorator finishes and we get back home from the van.  As I said, I'm going to insist on an xray or scan of my hip, and make it clear I want to find out the actual cause of the pain I'm in, rather than simply being fobbed off with painkillers and interminable waits for physio.

The hall, stairs and landing are now cleared of furniture, pictures etc - and cobwebs and dust!  I'm just doing my best to ignore the furniture etc cluttering up the other rooms.

I made a mixed bean chilli yesterday in the slow cooker function of the Multichef.  I did a panful of minced beef and onions for husband, then mixed some of the bean chilli in with his, we had our chillies with brown basmati rice.  It was yummy.  Plenty of both left to go in the freezer.


  1. Doing better than us. DB was referred for an ECG at the hospital 5 months ago after a local one showed changes. Phoned up, still in the triage pile!!!

  2. Glad you're both slowly getting sorted. Still, you shouldn't have to chase things up, but hey ho! xx

  3. Good for you, Sooze, taking things into your own hands. Fingers crossed things continue to improve for you both.

    The bean chilli sounds really delicious! xx

  4. Excellent service from your surgery - oh how I wish ours was as good. It's impossible to speak to an actual person at present. I give up!

  5. Yes, that's the system our doctor's surgery started during Covid and it has stayed that way ever since. If you are not on the phone at 8am and in the queue of calls that's it you don't get to see or speak to a Dr that day. But once you are 'in the system' the care is pretty good. Well done you for insisting that he phoned.

  6. I am glad things medical wise are being sorted.

    God bless.


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