Thursday 13 October 2022

Planning for the caravan - and life

 We're having the boiler serviced this morning.  Whilst husband and the boiler man are in the kitchen and utility room, Betty and I will stay in the lounge.....she'll be following the workman around all the time otherwise, and not everybody likes an excessively friendly dog!  It'll give me an opportunity to meal plan for next week at the caravan, and write a shopping list.

There's a few things we need to do in town later, I have a pile of books to take to the big Cancer charity shop and I'll get some more - they're only £1 for 2 books in there, one of the cheapest places to buy 2nd hand books - most other charity shops seem to charge £1.50 or even £2.00 each now.  The neighbour I swap books with hasn't bought any new books lately, we've been swapping the same books backwards and forwards recently!

Husband says he needs to buy a radiator key - he's left the other one in the caravan.....not that we have any radiators there, he uses it for other things (something to do with the LPG gas installation I think - not my department!).  Charlie, our lovely van neighbour, borrows it a lot - he and husband often share or borrow each other's tools.

The weather forecast for next week at the caravan looks pretty good, quite warm in fact for the time of year, so we may well stay there a bit longer - we've heard there'll be several others there, making the most of the last fortnight of the season and reasonable weather.  We'll use the time to earmark a few jobs for next year - the fence needs sprucing up, for a start.  It's a metal fence with a wooden handrail along the top, which needs sanding down and revarnishing, the gate needs a bit of attention as well.  We'll try and get that done as soon as it looks like there'll be a few days of good weather early next season.  The van exterior and the windows will need a good wash when we go back next March, after the winter weather has thrown everything at it.  And I'm thinking about getting new curtains for the lounge for next year, thicker lined ones, the ones we currently have aren't really thick enough for early and late season when it's colder.

Things are improving a bit here, husband is getting used to doing more jobs and helping me out, and has even done a few jobs of his own accord, without me having to ask him.  I guess we'd both got into a bit of a rut - me doing everything because it was easier, even though it was making me resentful, and him doing nothing because he knew I'd do it all!  The fact is, I cannot leave because I simply don't have the finances to support myself, and with the likelihood that husband's heart failure may be getting worse, he'll need my support.  I will still go to the CAB to see what, if anything, I'm entitled to, and will continue with the Council social housing application - if we can move to somewhere a bit nearer civilisation and all the facilities we need, including public transport so I can get about, then it will definitely make life easier for both of us.


  1. It's good to hear that hubby is doing a bit more.... I wish mine would.

  2. I'm glad your husband has started to do more. If you were able to move somewhere within walking distance of shops, cafes, doctor etc, it would be such a great help for you in particular. A little stroll to the shops, a coffee and a stroll back. Leave him at home! Have a look out in the charity shops for curtains for the caravan. I bought some blanket lined curtains (so heavy) for £15 and once I've unpicked and remade them they'll do 2 rooms. A bit of a faff, but if it saves me money, I'm happy to do it! xx

  3. Moving nearer to 'civilisation' sounds like a really good step and if you can get some social housing it will at least be rent stabilised and affordable.

  4. I am glad that Hubby is doing a bit more to make your life a bit easier. I think it is a great idea trying to find somewhere closer to all you need and easier to get around in.

    God bless.


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