Monday 24 October 2022

Mysterious text

 I've just had a very strange text, telling me I'll be getting a kit for a kidney function test through the post, for which I have to download an app onto my phone, and click on a link for more information.  My immediate thought was that it was a scam of some sort.....I don't download or click on anything that's sent completely unsolicited and out of the blue.  So I rang the surgery to check it out.  The receptionist didn't seem to know anything much about it, so put me on hold whilst she had a word with the practice manager.  She came back to say it's genuine, it's a new initiative apparently in collaboration with a firm contracted to the NHS, to take some of the workload off of GPs.  However, they were under the impression it wasn't starting until next week.

My first question was why haven't patients been advised that this would be happening, rather than us receiving a seemingly completely random text that we know nothing about?  She said we could click on the link for further info, she seemed not to grasp that it would have been better for us to be forewarned that this would be happening.  My next query was why do they think I'm in need of a kidney function test?  Again, she didn't know but thought perhaps it may be to do with my diabetes.  Which I find doubtful.  Having thought about it, I think it's more likely that they're checking my kidneys for something else, as I do have a documented incontinence problem, and a lump on one of my kidneys which they say isn't cancerous (I've had a scan) and isn't currently likely to cause a problem.  Also, both my mother and sister had kidney cancer.....Mum's was advanced and one of the things that killed her, sister's was caught early and operated on to remove the offending part of her kidney and she's since been given the all-clear.  So maybe I've been identified as having a possible hereditary or genetic risk.  It would just be nice to be told about things like this!

This morning we nipped into town to get a very small top up shop, half a dozen things I forgot last week, and to drop off a bin bagful of clothes to the charity shop - I had a big sort out yesterday.  I've made about 10 days worth of dog food, husband has been out in the back garden and collected the remaining apples off the trees.  I'll have to process them sometime in the next week or 2, the cookers especially don't keep well, disappointingly.  Won't be today though, my hip is really making its presence felt.


  1. I never click on links from unsolicited emails, either. You've no idea who they're from. How strange that patients weren't forewarned. It does sound like you've been selected due to your family history of kidney disease, though. Sorry your hip is playing up again. Does the colder, damper weather affect it? Just being nosy, unfortunately I've no answers, but if it does, maybe wearing extra layers around you hips would help. Might make you look like Michelin man though! xx

  2. I don't understand why they think that everyone wants endless Apps on their phones. I certainly don't. We often get random text messages from our GP with links to click on and I don't like that either. I just don't trust these things. I hope your hip x-ray results come in soon and give you a way forward to help with pain.
    Your newly decorated home sounds lovely Sooze.

  3. My phone is very basic and doesn't 'do' apps or connect to the internet. More and more often, I get texts from the surgery or NHS telling me to use the link in order to find out information - the only way is for me to copy the link, character by character, into my laptop. Very frustrating.

  4. Diabetes can lead to kidney disease. When I worked on a Dialysis unit 19 out of 20 patients were Type II diabetics. So with your kidney history, this is a good thing to be included in this testing batch.

  5. I don't click on those types of things either. Now I always though kidney function was tested via either blood or is an app going to test this. I guess I could be wrong, but I do know it is something they test me for when I go into the lab for blood and urine tests.

    God bless.

  6. We are losing human conduct now in medicine. 2020 even doc visits Facetime…


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