Monday 31 October 2022

Restful weekend and back to same old, same old for husband

 I had what I needed - a relaxing weekend.  Saturday I did nothing, other than one wash load in the morning, put on the electric airer as I was up very early (another bad night) and could make use of the off-peak electricity.  The rest of the day I just read my latest book, a David Baldacci thriller, and did quite a lot of rows on the Christmas present crochet blanket.  I did cook the dinners of course, although it was more a case of just quickly preparing it - frozen battered cod steaks done in the top oven, I put them in ciabatta rolls with sliced Swiss cheese and mayo, with salad and coleslaw on the side for Saturday, bubble & squeak with homemade veg and bean burgers on Sunday.  We went for our flu jabs at 8 am Saturday morning, all very well organised and we were very swiftly in and out.  No ill effects other than a slightly sore arm - I could say tiredness as well, but as I'm always so tired lately due to all the bad nights, I've no idea whether it was due to the jab or not.  With the clocks going back, in theory we had an extra hour in bed...the reality is I was still up extremely early on Sunday.  I just can't do lie-ins, never could, even as a teenager.

It's just a run of bad nights, it gets like this occasionally, sooner or later I'll get back to normal (whatever that is!).

Sunday morning we went to town, they have a monthly craft and artisan market, although this is the first time we've been to it, I think we've been at the caravan most other days it's been on.  Husband mooned around with his hands in his pockets, doing his usual 'bored teenager/husband' thing, refusing to look at most stalls and exclaiming at the cost of things he did see.  I bought some homemade wheat-free dog biscuits, in banana and peanut butter flavours, both of which Betty likes.  I also got a beautiful hand-decorated glass, a birthday present for a friend.  There was a cheese stall, I bought a couple of wedges of goats cheeses.

Forgot to mention the other day after seeing the GP....I asked him about the kidney function test and app, he confirmed it is because I'm at risk of getting kidney disease, partly due to my diabetes, but also because of the existing small lump on one of my kidneys and my family history of kidney cancer.

Husband's helpfulness is beginning to wear off, he's started going back to his not doing much and lounging watching TV (falling asleep in front of) ways.  It's always the same, he has a few weeks of doing more and then tires of it and slips back into his old laziness.  I'll have to have another chat with him, sigh.  I know he's getting older (72 in January) and his health's not great - but nor is mine, I have a list of ailments as long as my arm and am in pain or feeling unwell pretty much every single day.  But I just get on with things - partly because if I didn't, nothing would get done at all, and partly because I refuse to just give up and vegetate into old age.  That's no way to live the rest of my life, and I'm not going to.  I sometimes wonder what he would do if I had a stroke, say, or fell over and broke a few bones.....something that meant I COULDN'T do anything.  He would have to do stuff then!


  1. Oh, Sooze, I could have written most of that! I have sleepless nights. I've given up battling them, I just go downstairs, make myself a drink and possibly something to eat and enjoy the peace and quiet. Like you, I've been wondering what my husband would do if I couldn't do stuff. Wallow in his own mess probably! I hope the kidney function test comes back all clear. You don't need another worry. xx

    1. Thanks K. I've done the test this morning, you get instant results on your phone and it says Normal. So that's one thing off my mind.

    2. That's good. Only the other million things to worry about now!😀 xx

  2. Keep at him to help, we have a rule here no TV in the day time, which means most things get done, but as you know my hubby is helpful, we each have our own jobs to do, the work in the house is divided, so if something is not done, we know who is lacking behind.

  3. Hi, we should start an insomniac's club! I seem to have bouts of sleeplessness. My joints are really bad at the moment too - the pain is horrendous ( self inflicted so don't be kind to me! ) I come down sometimes, wrap in a blanket and watch something with subtitles! Then usually by 6 am I could just snuggle down and sleep but then it's time to get up! It's why I prefer Summer because a cup of tea at first light and pegging out early gladdens my soul!

  4. I gave up cooking after our boys left for uni though I still bake or cook when we have guests. Long spells of dieting when I eat salads or boiled vegetables with fish or chese have led to my 72 year old husband learning to cook the food he enjoys. He has arthritis in his hands, knees and ankles but swiffers the floors every day. I've been training him to do some cleaning too (he's generally not bothered) in case he's left on his own. They can do it if you insist. I tell him I'm not his mother to run round after him!

  5. As I have aged, I just do not need sleep. I go to bed about 11 or later…up at four or so…I read on iPad for review…read blogs…get up and get started…no stress…just acceptance…as to husband helping, you cannot force him…do what you want to do…if things do not get done…just read…craft…enjoy your days…if he gets hungry, he can fix something…if his clothes are dirty, he can wash them…you are such an amazing person keeping two homes going and all that cooking…I so enjoy your blog…keep writing…

  6. My husband says he is going to go first.... I usually look at him and roll my eyes. Hopefully we are both here for a very long time.

    I am the same as you no matter how much my hips or back is bothering me I work through it.

    God bless.


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