Tuesday 25 October 2022

Kidney disease and last day at the caravan

 I did some research yesterday, going to the NHS website and looking for information on the kidney function at home test.  Seems it's been a 'thing' for the past couple of years, it's targeted at people who are at risk of developing kidney disease.  They send you this kit with full instructions on how to dip test your urine, then scan the dipstick with your phone using the downloaded app, the results get sent to your GP.  It's an annual thing, apparently.  OK, fair enough.....but I have an annual diabetes review, which includes a full blood test and urine test every year anyway, around the time of my birthday (which means it's due very soon).  And the blood test for that includes the kidney function test - I know, I checked on my medical record.  So I'm still a bit mystified as to why they want me to do this at home test, when I get it done every year at the surgery anyway as an integral part of my diabetes review.  I'll be seeing the GP in the next few days, perhaps I'll ask him.

Thanks for the comments about it - it appears that diabetics are at risk of kidney disease, which is probably why I'm being asked to do the test.  I didn't know about the kidney disease risk, it's never been mentioned to me before - I knew about diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, both of which my diabetes nurse has discussed with me, but not the CKD.  So that's a bit worrying.  But as my diabetes is pretty well controlled, I'll try not to worry!

We're off to the caravan today, to give it a good clean and close it up for winter.  We'll also cut down the still-flowering pelargoniums which have given a fantastic show this year - I doubt they'll survive the winter, and we have nowhere to overwinter them at home now husband doesn't have his polytunnel anymore.  I'll definitely get more next year though.  There will be a few others there having a final few days and then closing up their vans, so we'll be having a few chats as well.  I'd have liked to spend another night or 2 there this week myself, but it's a busy week, we need to be home for a few things so haven't got the time.  I checked in my caravan notebook and we've spent a total of 85 nights there this season - that's just over 12 weeks, plus a few day visits, in the 8-month season.  I think it'll be more next year!


  1. Yes, as you already have an annual kidney function test, it seems strange. I bet it's something to do with GP's getting funding for it. (Not that I'm cynical!) What a shame you can't stay at the caravan a bit longer. Still, plenty of time to make plans for next year. xx

  2. If you stand the geraniums underneath the caravan where they can still get a few drips of water they'll overwinter just fine. It's not the cold but the wet that seems to kill them.

  3. I hope you get to spend many more days next year at the caravan.

    God bless.


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