Monday, 17 October 2022

Grrr! (And edit - Hooray!)

 This afternoon we're supposed to be going to the caravan, the decorator is supposed to be coming tomorrow to do the hall, stairs and landing.  However, we've not yet had confirmation from him that he is actually coming - he 'pencilled' the date in, with confirmation to follow.  We haven't heard a word from him since then, and haven't been able to get hold of him over the weekend - phone goes unanswered and no reply to voicemail messages left.  Husband was to be spending the night with me and Betty in the caravan, and returning home early tomorrow morning to let the decorator in.  So we need to know if the bloke is actually coming.  Husband will try ringing him again at 8 am (we have his home and mobile numbers).

Over a fortnight ago we cleared the hall and landing (as the bloke was originally supposed to come on 3 October, but his works van broke down), shifting all the furniture into other rooms around the house (which necessitated moving furniture around in those rooms), taking down pictures and moving stuff off of windowsills and cupboard tops.  So we've been living in amongst clutter since then - I hate living in a mess and it's driving me nuts.  Why are workmen so blinking unreliable? **

HH, I bought some washing powder (I didn't have any, as I use liquid capsules for my washing) and husband sprinkled that liberally on the oil spillage in the boiler cupboard in the utility room.  It's worked - well, it's working I should say - it's doing a good job of masking the worst of the smell.  So thank you very much for that, the overpowering oily smell was giving me a permanent headache and making me feel sick.

**HOORAY!!  The decorator has just rung, he's definitely coming tomorrow morning.  What a relief.

I've got a busy day ahead of me before we go off this afternoon, so must get on.


  1. Glad the smell is going - success! I hate it when workmen don't turn up and you can't get hold of them. I don't know if they think we've nothing else to do but wait for them to grace us with their presence, or they just don't think at all! Have a lovely time at the caravan and forget the smells and mess! xx

  2. Hooray! Thank goodness he is coming. Won't it be good to get everything done and back in place again.

    I've taken to using powder instead of capsules for both my washing machine and my dishwasher. It's fine and I can control how much I use.


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