Friday 28 October 2022

Soup, midweek roast and loss of energy

 I made a lovely soup yesterday, using a small butternut squash, 2 parsnips, 2 carrots and a red onion.  Served with some croutons and a swirl of cream on top, it was really nice.  Enough for today and tomorrow too.  Then I chopped up a load of veg for a midweek roast dinner - husband had a chicken breast wrapped in bacon, I just had the veg, stuffing (out of a packet) and gravy.  Husband helped with prepping the veggies.  I prepped some more of our apples and made 2 apple crumbles for the freezer.

We're off to Weston this morning, there's a big shoe shop there and I need some new winter shoes, as well as some new underwear and a few things in Wilko.  There are a couple of shops husband wants to look in as well.  So it'll be good to have the soup ready to just heat up when we get back, and dinner will be cauli cheese batch cooked and frozen, with oven baked mushrooms and garlic bread, an easy meal.  Husband can have bacon with his, if he wants.

I've been very busy this week and it's affecting my energy levels and hip, so will be having a weekend of relaxing.  Had a few bad nights as well, so I need to catch up on sleep, if possible.  Chopping up all that veg for lunch and dinner, making the crumbles and putting washing out yesterday wore me out - well, it was the culmination of the very busy week and lack of sleep.  I felt like I was dropping with exhaustion so after lunch I had to go upstairs for a nap in my recliner chair.  Went to bed early too, but had another bad night, my hip was really killing me.

Betty had a whole chicken breast for her birthday dinner yesterday, poached in low-salt chicken stock, she wolfed it down.  She then shared some of husband's pear and banana, both of which she loves.  We made lots of fuss of her and played with her a lot, I think she enjoyed herself, she certainly slept well, unlike me.

I won't be blogging over the weekend, probably back Monday.  We've got our flu jabs early tomorrow morning, other than that I won't be doing anything.


  1. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend. Hope the hip settles down and you get some wonderful, refreshing sleep. xx

  2. Got my flu shot today. Your meals sound lovely.

    God bless.

  3. A restful weekend sounds just the ticket and I hope it is going well. xx

  4. Happy Birthday little Betty! I'd be happy with that birthday menu too!


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