Sunday, 9 October 2022

Some improvements at last

 Had our Covid booster jabs yesterday morning at the local hospital, very well organised as usual but very busy, they were running late and we had to wait about 25 mins past our time.  No matter, it's done and that's the main thing.  Neither of us had any symptoms at all afterwards, not even a sore arm.  Having said that though, around 9.30 ish last night, I suddenly came over really tired and had to go to bed - I normally read for an hour or so in bed but last night I just couldn't keep my eyes open and switched the light off straight away.  We're having our flu jabs at the GP surgery at the end of the month - we could have had them yesterday but I didn't fancy the 2 jabs on the same day, in case any possible side effects were doubled!

It's my hip x-ray this morning, at the same hospital (it's a small cottage-type hospital, the main big hospital is in Taunton). 

The vegetarian diet is going really well, I'm thoroughly enjoying eating veggie things that I've made and not forcing myself to have the big meaty meals that husband likes.  Last night he had a big gammon steak with eggs and chips, I had a homemade veggie burger.  Today he's having a (bought) steak pie, I'm making myself a veg and cheese one with wholemeal pastry - well, I'll be making 4 actually, the rest to be frozen.  I've not yet tried any Quorn or tofu products, to be honest they don't really appeal to me, I prefer making things myself using a combination of fresh veggies and beans or pulses.  Having said that, I do buy the Linda McCartney range of veggie sausages, I like those.  And I do have the occasional bacon sandwich!  (I've had 2 in the last month, I think).  

I'm easing up on the very restrictive candida diet, I've reintroduced several things now and still have no symptoms reappearing.  So I think the yeast overgrowth must have been killed off now, by starving it of the things that caused it in the first place - too many carbs, frothy coffees with glucose in them, crisps, the occasional bar of dark chocolate.  I still have none of that now - carbs are kept to a minimum, I only eat sourdough bread and not every day, I've reintroduced frothy coffees but only decaf/unsweetened.  I have brown basmati rice or wholewheat pasta about once a week, along with plain wholegrain cereal or porridge once or twice a week.  And I have an acidophilus tablet every day, to keep my gut bacteria healthy.  I do feel so much better for it.

Every day now I'm getting husband to do 1 or 2 jobs....he doesn't grumble so much now (I ignored him when he did) and does get on with them, albeit with a bit of reluctance.  And.....the telly is off!!  Finally, he doesn't have it on all the time anymore, so that's a victory.  He put it on for the news for half an hour this morning, then switched it off and hasn't put it back on since.


  1. Success! So pleased for you that things are sorting out. It may take time, but every move forward is a move in the right direction. Fingers crossed for some answers from the hip x-ray.🤞xx

  2. Well, the telly issue is a real step in the right direction; so good to have some peace and quiet.
    I've heard of quite a few reports that the Covid jab results in overwhelming tiredness, so I will be aware of that when I go for mine next month - and I need to check if the flu jab will be given as well, otherwise I need to book one elsewhere.
    Well done on the eating plan you devised; it seems to have done the trick. You are improving so much.

  3. Wow - Sooze, that' is brilliant. I'm so glad the yeast overgrowth has realised it's not wanted and I hope the xray has been OK. xx


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