Wednesday 26 October 2022

Put to bed

 Caravan put to bed for the winter.  There were a few people staying for the last week of the season, and quite a few other owners who'd come for the purpose of closing down - we've hardly seen them all year, for whatever reason they hardly ever come.  One man complained to me that every time he comes, it's not relaxing at all, it's all work, work, work.  Well, that's because he and his wife hardly ever come to stay in their van, consequently by the time they do come their garden is very overgrown and their van is badly in need of a complete external wash, so it's no wonder they have so much work to do!  It was a bit sad leaving, of course, especially saying goodbye to friends, but we know we'll be back in March next year, as will most of our friends there.

Both husband and I have GP appointments today, he for his heart stuff, me for my hip.  Let's hope we both get some positive answers for what happens going forward from here.  Husband is taking the car to the garage for an oil change tomorrow, I have more apples to process and freeze and some more veggie burgers and meals to make.  I also want to gather up my yarn stash, which is currently in several places including the loft, and see exactly what I've got.  I feel another blanket coming on - well, it is nearly winter after all - possibly a random colour stash busting one.  Friday - so far - we have a relatively free day, then we're both having our flu jabs early on Saturday morning.  Husband had made the appointments for 08.10 am(!!)....if they hadn't been that early, we could have stayed at the caravan Friday and Saturday.  Never mind.

Cherie, by the time I read your comment about the geraniums, I'd already cut them all back.  But I couldn't have put them under the caravan anyway - there's a tile and wooden lattice skirt all around the bottom of the van, to cut down on draughts (the lattice part is to allow access to taps underneath the van).  And I'd have had to dig up all the geraniums and put them in pots, they're in a flower bed at the front of the van.  I don't really mind if they don't survive the winter, the plantlets are cheap enough to buy in packs in Spring.

Ilona, thank you for your comment, I've read it but am not publishing it - that's not what this blog is about and I don't really want to get involved in discussions of that nature.  Your views differ from mine, which is absolutely fine.


  1. A sad day, leaving the van for the winter.😭 Hoping you both get some joy from your medical appointments. And most importantly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty!🎂 xx

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    1. Thank you Ilona. Although we must agree to disagree, I respect your views.

  3. It seems like yesterday you were packing to go to your summer home. I do not know where time goes…don’t want to sound like a broken record, but it is true. I read your blog because I like it. I like reading about your life…I do not read blogs that are political or argumentative…once that begins, I quit. Thank you for having the blog you do.


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