Thursday, 23 January 2020

Time to let go

Thank you for all the comments, and welcome to a couple of new followers, hope I don't bore you to death.

Well, my friend came and set up the printer for me.....all working perfectly, am very pleased with it.  It's a nice little compact one, half the size of the big clunky thing we had years ago.  I'm glad he did it, I wouldn't have had a clue....thanks M 😘

I'm definitely feeling a lot better now.  Yesterday morning I took down all the condolence cards off the mantlepiece and put them away, along with the Order of Service cards, in a box in my craft room.  And I didn't even cry....well, not much.  It just seemed time to let go of them and move on.  I can also look at the photo of Mum I have as my laptop screen saver without bursting into tears, it just makes me smile now.  I'm sure there'll be lots of occasions where something reminds me of her, or I see something in a shop and think 'oh I'll get that for Mum, she'll love it' and I'll be a blubbering heap again, but that's to be expected.  Sister wants us all to get together and scatter Mum's ashes in a local big park where she liked to go and feed the ducks on the lake.  We'll do it in Spring when it's a bit warmer.  Sis asked about permission, she was told it would be fine so long as we do it discreetly and at a quiet time, early morning or evening preferably.

I haven't sat and made any cards for weeks, other than a couple of birthday cards I had to do.....I used to make so many cards for Mum, at least a couple a week, haven't felt able to get back into cardmaking yet as it will be a reminder of what I used to do for her.  But I am beginning to feel I'd like to start again.  Anyway, there's a couple more birthdays coming up so I'll have to soon, I've practically run out of my stock of general birthday cards.

Was up stupidly early this morning, but it enabled me to get some documents I needed printed out.  I have a bit of admin work to do this morning (need to be more awake for that, so must have at least one more big cup of coffee and some food first), so won't be able to spend all day batch cooking like I was hoping to.  I will get some done this afternoon though....provided I don't sit down 'for a minute' and end up nodding off, having got up so early.

Hope the weather's better today....yesterday was foggy, damp, chilly and grey all day, very depressing when it's like that.


  1. It was damp and chilly here too - warmer than Tuesday but it felt colder.
    I think that's a lovely way to scatter your mum's ashes and another 'saying goodbye' thing that should also help. I love that your mum's photo makes you smile because it's the same for me. Alex gave me a photo of Mum in a frame for Christmas and it makes me smile and gives me a warm glow. So helpful.
    Much love to you and I hope you have a lovely day.

  2. It was gloriously blue sky and sunshine here. Doesn't it make such a difference to our mood when the sun shines.

  3. It was miserable weather yesterday, wasn’t it! And cold! The chap on the local radio said it would be a lot milder......wrong. I’m glad that you can smile now, when looking at your Mum’s photo. I do with photos of my Dad. Of course there will be the times, when something jogs a memory and you get tearful. That still happens to me occasionally and my Dad passed away just over three years ago. But that, too, is ok. Hope you enjoy making a few cards and manage to do a bit of batch cooking :)

  4. Like you, I can’t seem to get going with cards either, probably because I am still a bit down as well, strange isn’t it. Maybe we need to feel happy to craft?

  5. I have made a few cards but need to do more when I can fit it in. I have my dad on the mantelpiece - in the photo he is sat on a step in the garden he loved pondering and that is how I will always remember him.x

  6. It took me quite a while before I could look at photos of my Mum and Dad. There will be times when something touches a nerve and you shed a tear (or several), it only shows how much you loved your Mum.
    The weather here has been grey, damp and miserable. I don't know if it's linked, but I've had a slight headache too for the past few days. Oh, for spring! xx

  7. The best thing is you can do any and all of it.. anytime that suits you , except the doctor appts.
    No schedule. I am sure I'd find myself napping when I felt like it.

  8. I have been following your blog and desperate to comment for some time but my settings must have been stopping me. I have just launched a new blog and changed settings in Blogger/Bloglovin/Google and voila I can comment! You've had a rotten time recently and I hope things are on the up for you. We are all so different in how we cope with bereavement and family problems but I hope you are finding a way through that suits you.
    Roll on Spring and the better weather. Just to let you know that others have been thinking of you.


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