Monday, 24 January 2022

A paperwork, admin and planning day

 I'm having a paperwork and admin day today, got some banking to do, also sort out the paperwork on top of my file cupboard, and some that has migrated upstairs to my bedroom.  Husband's desk is a total mess of paperwork, I can't face doing that, he'll have to do it himself.  I also need to do a freezer inventory and write a menu plan for the next fortnight.  We'll need a tiny bit of shopping this week, so must write a list.  I'm hoping to have a no spend month for February - should have been this month but it hasn't worked out like that for one reason or another.  It should be possible to go without shopping for the entire month, especially as it's a short month - we've only been getting mainly dairy and fresh veg this month, well if we get enough milk and some extra cheese to freeze this week, we shouldn't need to buy that in February.  As for veg.....well, although we both prefer fresh veg, we can make do with frozen.  Some of the fresh veg will last a few weeks anyway, it's mainly salad stuff that won't.

We've got 2 or 3 bread mix packets, so that'll keep husband going through February, hopefully, he does like his toast for breakfast.  I'm still avoiding bread during the week but do indulge a bit at the weekend - we had garlic bread Saturday evening, and toast yesterday.  I think I might have another go at sourdough, that has less impact on my guts.  Yes, good idea, I'll get the starter on the go today (talked myself into it lol).

It's another grey, dull, cold nothing weather kind of day, not good washing drying weather again.  As I suspected yesterday, the washing I put out on the line had barely got any drier at all by the time I got it in mid afternoon, so half went in the tumbler, half on the airer upstairs.  I did another wash overnight but am not bothering to put it out on the line.  Blimmin  nuisance trying to get washing dry this time of year.

Husband's going to wash the car - he said that last week, but didn''s now so dirty we can barely see out of or in the windows.  Living in a farming area where there's lots of mud, or in drier weather dust, both of which are churned up by the many tractors and farm vehicles, the car always gets filthy anyway - which is husband's excuse for not washing it more regularly "What's the point when it'll only be dirty again in a day or two?".  I can see his point, but I don't want to go up to my sister's with a really filthy car, and it's not like he's got anything else more important to do anyway.  It also means he won't be in here with the telly perpetually on, intruding on my mind when I'm trying to do the paperwork/banking.


  1. That used to be Alan's excuse for not washing the truck, 'it'll only get dirty again', but now he's just got his white Audi he does tend to keep it a bit cleaner. Mine barely moves these days so the rain washes the dust off nicely.

    You talked yourself into making a sourdough loaf so easily there ;-)

  2. Our car is absolutely filthy too and it will stay that way as I draw the line at washing the car when I am so rarely in it.

  3. You sound very organised, there, Sooze. Mind you, someone has to be. LOL! Our car could do with a wash too, but it's too cold for me and hubby won't get round to it. He generally waits until I've done it all, then comes out to faff; checking the oil, screenwash etc. Oh, well! xx

  4. My husband actually washed my car yesterday as he was doing his, so result for me. My paperwork day is pension day normally the 22nd of the month. I'm hoping for a low spend over the next few months to run down the freezer. The food bill was creeping up higher and higher just before Christmas.

  5. Your days sound busy which is good. My hubby does the grocery shopping and is very frugal. I have !earned to cope with whatever he brings home if he has changed what I have put on the list. With cold weather in single digits I am thankful for a full freezer and pantry. Aside from a few essentials we could eat out of them all winter but we don't. He loves to bargain shop and keeps hauling those bags home. 💖

  6. I'm baffled by my car. The rear windscreen keeps getting absolutely filthy. I usually just wash that off, but it's almost opaque in the corners within a day! I think it's the time of year.

  7. Our car is terribly dirty right now, but until it warms up there really is no use getting it washed as washing it would cause the doors to freeze shut.

    You have tweaked my interest in making sour dough bread. I will have to look up how to make a starter.

    God bless.

  8. I'm afraid I cheat and take the car to the local valet place. Bad me!

    1. You're keeping somebody in a job as well as conserving your energy ... good you :-)


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