Sunday, 23 January 2022

You what? Say that again? I beg your pardon? Eh?

 I've put washing out on the line, whether or not it dries remains to be seen.  No frost this morning but it's still blimmin cold - grey, no sunshine and no wind either, so not really good drying weather.  I dare say I'll have to finish off the washing in the dryer this afternoon.

Got a busy week ahead, stuff to get packed for our trip up to see sister - we're only going for one night, but there's still quite a bit to pack, especially with a dog.  I've got cakes to make on Thursday - a cherry & almond and some chocolate cupcakes.  Tuesday I'm having another osteopathy session, to hopefully ensure that my back and hips are able to cope with the long journey.  I'll take Felicity's advice and we'll stop 2 or 3 times on the journey, so I can get out of the car to have a little walk round and do a couple of stretches, Betty can have a wee and husband a break from the strain of driving - he does find it a mental strain to drive long distances nowadays.  And fingers crossed the car behaves!

I know my hearing is deteriorating - at my last hearing test I had 25% hearing loss, that was 3 years ago and I'm pretty sure it's got worse since.  I'm constantly having to ask husband to turn the volume up on the TV (on the few occasions when there's something I actually want to watch), and I can't hear him speak (not such a bad thing!! 😂😂) if his head is turned away from me or he's in another room.  I constantly tell him I cannot hear if he's not in the same room - does it sink in?  Of course not. 😒  Anyway, I've booked another hearing test (at the same place I get my glasses know, 'should have gone to - '), as it'll be quicker, much much quicker I should think, than going to the NHS hospital hearing test place.  Mind you, if I need new hearing aids, and I reckon I will, I'll have to get another referral to the NHS anyway, as I can't afford the private aids.  I've had a hearing test at the opticians place before, a lovely, extremely efficient and helpful lady did it, and it was a more thorough test than the NHS one I had.

I have got NHS aids but stopped wearing them ages ago - at least a couple of years.  I didn't find them at all helpful - all they seemed to do was greatly magnify the background noises (which I wasn't even aware of before), meaning I found it even more difficult to hear people talking, as I was constantly distracted by the, now loud, background noise.  And the NHS aids are so very basic, no way of adjusting them, it's just 'on' or 'off'.  And the batteries run out so quick!  Still, they might have improved a bit since I last had them, and I don't have much choice in the matter anyway - if I want to hear better, I'll just have to wear them and get used to them.  The test is booked for 11 Feb, so nearly 3 weeks away, it'll soon go, time is galloping away....soon be Spring and caravan time!

We've seen quite a few daffodils in bloom when we've been out and about, also lots and lots of new lambs, which is lovely.  One field of sheep and lambs we passed the other day, when we were on our way to see our friends, caught my eye - all the lambs appeared to be wearing bright orange jackets.  I've googled it and it is a 'thing' - specially designed polythene jackets for newly born lambs to protect them against hypothermia in cold countries such as ours.  The jackets are called 'Lammacs' - how appropriate.  What a considerate farmer, to protect his flock like that.....but then I guess he doesn't want his stock dying of cold - he'll lose too much money.  I have tons of respect for farmers, they work so very hard in all weather conditions, and so many hours - obviously it's not a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job.


  1. I used to always watch out for the lambs in macs late December and early January on one particular farm on the way into Llandudno. His seemed to be so much earlier than all the other lambs in the area, but were always smartly dressed.

  2. I got my NHS hearing aids about 3 years ago, and I wouldn't be without them! The batteries last a couple of weeks, and I get 12 months worth, through the post. Just have to phone the Audiology Dept and they send them, the life tubes and cleaning wires. Oh, and I can adjust the volume too. They don't have all the bells and whistles (eg Bluetooth) that others may have, but I'm not bothered about all that, I just want to hear! I can't fault the service. When I got them fitted initially, she told me to make an appointment in 3 years time to have my hearing re-tested. So I'll do that in the summer. I hope you can get your hearing sorted. It's amazing how much you miss when you can't hear properly. Good idea to break up the journey. We always do that. Even if you just stretch your legs and go to the loo! xx

  3. I remember the thrill of seeing the baby lambs from the small bus from London to Bath on the countryside. We just don't get that scene here in our farms. Take care to get your needs met on your drive.

  4. my husband had NHS hearing aids and like yours they made the background noise very loud and distracting especially if there were noisy kids around. He hasn't worn them for a long time now and still won't.

    1. The new NHS hearing aids are much better, much more sophisticated. I love mine. I'd feel quite bereft if I lost or broke them. I can't wait to put them in, in the mornings! xx

  5. Hugs for the hearing. It must be very frustrating. I love the idea of lammacs! I would think it was early for lambs, so I suppose they need them.

  6. Hubby is the one with hearing loss here and he will not go and get hearing aids. Hopefully I can convince him soon. Hope your new aids are just what you need.

    God bless.

  7. I had to smile when I read the heading - I have to fight the temptation to also say 'No need to shout, just stop mumbling' which makes me sound very, very old!!

    I use Specsavers for my aids and have no complaints whatsoever.


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