Saturday 2 July 2022

Limp as a limp thing

 We went shopping early yesterday, getting to Sainsbugs around 08.30 - definitely the best time to go from my point of view, hardly anyone in there - and consequently loads of the small trolleys outside, which seem to be in short supply lately.  I don't usually get enough shopping to fill a big trolley, and can't reach down into the bottom of the big ones anyway.  Despite knowing that prices are rising constantly, and only getting a little shopping yesterday, the till total still made my eyebrows raise.  Honestly, prices of everything are ridiculous, this country will be on its knees soon.

Husband has been struggling to find a reasonable insurance quote for the new car, he's found one eventually but it's still a fair bit more than last year (on the last 2 cars).  But his age puts the price up nowadays, I guess, as well as other factors to do with the vehicle itself.  Whereas I've just renewed the caravan insurance, and it was only £2 more than last year, which I was well pleased with.  I did do some comparison quotes but couldn't better that.

Despite feeling heaps better, doing the (little bit) of shopping yesterday and then putting it away when we got home wiped me out, I had to go and have a rest on my recliner chair upstairs afterwards.  But at least I don't feel ill anymore and the sore throat etc has gone.

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of sleeping reasonably well for a few nights, and then having one terrible night where I'm awake more than asleep, just to remind me that I've been an insomniac almost my entire life.  Last night was one of those.....despite being really tired when I went to bed, I was still awake 2 hours later.  Having tried listening to my sleep meditation podcast on my phone, then going through the whole 'relax every muscle starting from your toes upwards' thing a couple of times, and emptying my mind of everything (not that I've got any particular worries right now - although I'm sure I will have now I've said that!), I gave up and put the light on and read my book for an hour or 2.  But despite it then being around 2 am and with eyelids that couldn't keep open, it still took me ages to actually drop off, and I tossed and turned and kept waking up for the rest of the night.  So now I feel as limp and knackered as.....well, a limp knackered thing.  Oh well.

The neighbour's 70th bbq party.....we've decided that IF it's not raining come this evening, we'll show our faces there in the garden for about an hour, keeping our distance as much as possible.  If, however, it's raining meaning everyone will be indoors, we're not going - neither of us is willing to risk mingling indoors with 20 or 25 mostly strangers.  Especially since Covid is on the rise again, and at least one of our other neighbours has most likely got it again, for a 3rd time (and she's fully vaccinated....but I guess she'd have it a lot worse if she wasn't jabbed).

The sooner we can get away to the caravan again, the better.


  1. I could have been reading about me, with those sleep patterns! I just think, at least I've not got to get up and do a full day's work. If need be, I can have a doze. I think you're wise to forgo the party if it's indoors. No point tempting fate! xx

  2. It's horrible when the sleep just doesn't come, isn't it? And I know what you mean about those prices. Each time I go things seem to cost more and more. And don't even start me on petrol. Dreadful. xx

  3. As an insomniac I understand exactly what you mean. Those supermarket price rises are eye watering aren't they. I think I'd be encouraging your hubby to grow a few more veggies in the garden.

  4. You are right about prices rising every week. I can shop for food cleverly and creatively but I can't do anything about the gas & LX bills which are due to rise by another 50% this autumn. That really frightens me - this is an oldish house which does not have the insulation levels of a new build, despite us having done pretty much everything we can to improve it.

  5. Are these erratic sleeps a sign of getting older? Every night I read my Kindle until my eyes stop focussing, but that still doesn't mean I immediately fall asleep. I've tried putting my bedside radio on, quietly, but that doesn't work either. So as Happy Hooker says, I rely on a Granny nap during the day, 'cos I can!


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