Tuesday 5 July 2022

Problem solved

 I had an idea yesterday, the practice nurses at our GP surgery do dressing changes as part of their duties, so I suggested he rang to see if he could get in there.  He could, it's arranged for tomorrow afternoon - thankfully as the surgery is a damn sight nearer than the hospital, which is way over the other side of town.  He's seeing the lovely nurse who does all our blood tests and diabetes checks, so that's a big relief for both of us.

He had some pain as the anaesthetic wore off, to be expected, but took painkillers at appropriate intervals.  

As he was told to keep off his feet as much as possible and keep them elevated yesterday, it was back to lying on the sofa watching TV, although I did persuade him to go to bed in the afternoon for a couple of hours, giving me a break from the TV.  So as well as my normal jobs yesterday, I had to feed and water him and keep him supplied with all his meds - he was pretty good actually, I did say I wasn't going to become his slave for the day and run around getting umpteen things for him every 5 minutes, he was quite restrained.  I also had Betty to walk, which I don't do very often nowadays in view of my back and hip problems - I was a bit concerned that she might pull me over if she saw a rabbit or pheasant and suddenly took off, but she was no trouble at all though, good girl that she is.

I'm not setting a definite day for going to the caravan, it depends entirely on husband, how he feels and how his feet progress.  He is quite keen to go though, especially since the weather is set to be good, and being at the van is totally relaxing now.  We might go at the weekend, if all's well.

I'm up ridiculously early, woke up about 03.30 with a headache, stomach upset and painful hip and couldn't get back to sleep again, so got up and came downstairs.  The headache and stomach upset are probably stress-related, both are wearing off now.

They were saying on the news yesterday that schools are having to cut back on meat for school dinners, and buying cheaper food products from abroad....despite wanting to buy British food supplies, they can't afford to anymore.  Every day the news is about price rises.....if this sleazy Government full of posh millionaire entitled plonkers who haven't a clue about how us normal people are struggling don't get their fingers out soon and actually do something that will genuinely help people, I don't know what's going to become of this country.

Husband said he wants to get back to normal stuff, dog walking and garden watering etc, today, I guess that depends on how he feels when he gets up.  If he does decide he's fit to take Betty out, I'll go with him.


  1. Well, that's a good job jobbed, as my late MIL used to say. I expect he'd have had to pay to park at the hospital, too, so that'll save a few bob! I agree about prices and the powers that be. Most of them haven't a clue how "ordinary" people are having to cope. Like BJ, when told a lady rode the buses all day, with her bus pass, just to keep warm, banging on about how she could do that because the Conservatives had introduced the passes (another lie), rather than being concerned about her and others like her. I don't know how some of them sleep at night. And don't get me started on all the sleaze stories! Anyway, glad the op went well, the dressings are sorted and your get away is on the horizon. xx

  2. Brilliant idea about the surgery - so much easier (and cheaper) than going across town.
    Hoping the toes recover quickly and you can get to the van for this coming weekend. The perfect place to finish recovering, I would say. xx

  3. A much better idea to go to the surgery instead of the hospital, closer and hopefully less chance of catching anything you really don't want to pick up now, as you do seem to be under the weather a lot just recently. Fingers crossed that he continues to do well.

  4. That's handy to be able to nip to the local doctors surgery. The weather looks like it's going to fair up nicely for a few days at the van doesn't it.

  5. Much easier to go there for the dressing changes, glad you got that sorted and with a nurse that knows you both.

    God bless.


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