Friday 8 July 2022

Off to relax

 Pooped, I've had terrible nights this week, sometimes it just goes like that.  I got everything done yesterday, although by the end of the afternoon I was so tired my brain had seized up.  Was even too tired to finish dinner, it was just too much effort to raise a fork to my mouth and chew.  I did sleep a bit better last night - sheer exhaustion, I think, although Betty woke me up a couple of times, she seemed to be very restless, too warm maybe.

As soon as husband comes back from the surgery this morning, we'll be off to the caravan, I've only got the big cool box of chilled and frozen food to pack.  It's been a busy week and I'm looking forward to several days of doing nothing, except pottering in the garden, reading and catching up with our friends there.  I doubt we'll be going anywhere, it'll be too warm and crowds will be starting to appear as more tourists arrive in the county.  Oh, we'll be going to collect the treadmill, of course.....not that I'll be using it at the van, it will stay in the car until we go home (it folds for storage or transport, apparently).

In theory, we could stay at the van indefinitely, I do have an eye test appointment one day next week so will have to come back to town for that, another benefit of the van park being not far away.  However, it's forecast to be very warm.....if there's no breeze and it gets too hot for Betty (and me) then we'll come home for a couple of days until it cools down a bit.  We'll need to water the garden by then anyway, we don't like to rely on neighbours doing it as well as their own.

I suppose it would have been handy to have the new windows fitted today, but with an already busy day yesterday and next to no notice given, I just didn't have the time to clear all the kitchen utensils and things, plants, pictures, toiletries etc off the windowsills and take all the curtains and blinds down (as requested by the window fitters).


  1. Have a lovely time at the van and I do hope you sleep better tonight in your happy place. xx

  2. We decided a while ago to have work done at our convenience, unless it's an emergency. Much less stressful, as you can get yourself organised and mentally prepared! Have a lovely relaxing time at the caravan. Hope it's not too hot to sleep! xx

  3. Have a thoroughly lovely time Sooze. Make sure to relax and put your feet up for a change

  4. Lack of sleep does me in. My husband has a horrible cough so I moved elsewhere but didn't sleep properly.

  5. Enjoy your time at the caravan. Maybe when you go back to town for your eye test you could take a pair or two of curtains down while hubby waters the garden if necessary ... and then escape back to the van before it all gets too much.

  6. Hope you feel better after a few days at the van and your sleep pattern is restored.

    I know exactly what you mean about your brain being fried and even finishing supper is too much. That sounds exactly how I have felt the last couple of days and I am not sleeping as well as usual either.

  7. You have a lovely and relaxing time at the van. Rejuvenate and rest.

    God bless.


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