Saturday 9 July 2022

Sod's Law

 So much for a relaxing break....

On our journey here a warning light came on in the car and power steering went off.....and that's the last I'm saying about it!

Around 9 pm problem relative started bombarding me with their usual doom-laden melodramatic crap texts....I temporarily blocked them again.

At 03.19 this morning, the smoke alarm bleeped, sending Betty charging into the lounge woofing.  Fortunately it wasn't a fire, just the low battery warning bleeps.  Husband was oblivious, of course.  I woke him up to take the battery out, I couldn't get back to sleep after that, although husband - and Betty! - seemed to have no trouble.

As that's the proverbial three things, hopefully things can only get better.


  1. Definitely that's the proverbial three things. Best to get them over and done with, eh? Maybe you can have a nice snooze in the garden shade today. xx

  2. Oh dear poor you Sooze. Now you definitely deserve a good relaxing break

  3. lets hope its a relaxing break from here on in, hope you manage to get the ctr sorted.

  4. Let's hope that's all the hassle out of the way. I hope the car can be quickly and easily sorted. Will the garage where you bought it, fix it free of charge? They should do! Why do smoke alarm batteries always run low in the middle of the night? Put your feet up, relax and ignore the world! xx

  5. Hope the car is just a teething problem and the dealer can get you sorted quickly.

  6. Hope all is well now....

    God bless.

  7. I hope it's all sorted out now. xx


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