Monday 4 July 2022

Not bloody likely!

 Husband has had his offending toes done - both of his big toes.

He had both nails removed entirely, the doctor said they were too far gone to be able to just take a small section of each side off.  He's been told to keep his feet elevated for the rest of the day, to slow down bleeding - as a heart failure patient who takes lots of medication, he is a bleeder! (in more ways than one ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰).  The doctor said that they no longer offer redressing appointments routinely, patients are expected to do it themselves (or get a friend or relative to do it for them) unless there's a clinical reason why they can't do their own.  Apparently, according to the doctor, husband is a special case because of his diabetes and previous foot problems (he has very little feeling in one of his feet, the one that was operated on the year before last), so he is entitled to be seen by the podiatry clinic for the next 6 months.  She asked him if he wanted to do it himself......and the daft man said YES!!! ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ - honestly, I could throttle him sometimes.  He's said since coming home he'll probably have a problem trying to do it himself - well if he thinks I'm doing it when I have back and hip problems (and the thought of seeing his bleeding weeping toes looking like raw meat turns my stomach) he's got another think coming.  So he's going to ring the clinic and request a redressing appointment.  I should bloody well think so too.


  1. Ugh! WHY did the silly man say 'Yes' in the first place? There's no way I could redress bleeding, nail-less toes. I would have thought there would be a real risk of infection if re-dressing was done in anything but a sterile place; hopefully he will get an appointment and it will be done in a much safer way. Erm . . how will he get to the appointment? And how will you get to the caravan? Can't imagine him driving like that.

    1. Because he's a man and an idiot! Yes real risk of infection I should think. He's been told he can drive from tomorrow (thankfully the new car is automatic) provided he wears suitable footwear - he has 2 proper supportive medical boot things he had for his previous foot ops (and luckily kept) so he can wear those.

  2. I hope he gets an appointment. I couldn't go near my DH's toes. Wishing him quick and complete healing and hopefully it isn't too awful for you. Men are the worst patients.

  3. Here in France after a procedure like that the nurse would come daily for at least two weeks to redress his foot. No DIY dressing here. We have a wonderful health service here but do pay a lot more for it than you pay in the UK. Helen in France

  4. Men! I sometimes think they left their brains behind when they were born. At least he's had the op, so onwards and upwards. I'm sure he'll be able to get the necessary appointments organised. I think you're going to need some time at the caravan to de-stress! xx

  5. The very thought of dealing with Tony's toes turns my stomach so I totally understand your reluctance.

  6. I couldn't/wouldn't want to change the dressings, too gory, so it is best he go to the clinic and have professionals do it. They know how to look for signs of infection and healing.

  7. So should I. Honestly, men!!!!!
    I'm very glad it's all done though. xx

  8. I have had both of my great toe nails removed. Here in Canada, you are sent home with an instruction sheet and expected to get on with it.

    The recommendation is soak the foot in a vinegar and water solution twice a day and apply fresh dressings. The vinegar is really effective in preventing psuedomonas infections, which is quite common in agricultural areas. Dry dressing and after about three weeks you can get away with a large bandaid.

    It was a pain to have to do it at 0400 before I left for work.

    It also cost $350 per toe, as podiatrist treatments aren't covered by our health service and our supplemental insurance through work only covers a portion of the charges.

  9. I would definitely make him go to the clinic. With diabetes he really needs to make sure all is healing properly.

    God bless.

  10. Oh gosh he should definintely have agreed to the podiatry appointments with his history. What are men like!!


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