Thursday 7 July 2022


 The nurse yesterday said husband's toes were a lot less bloody and weepy than she expected.  He's got another appointment for re-dressing tomorrow.  However, he then went and did a silly thing.....he decided to wear his normal heavy walking boots for taking the dog out, rather than the walking sandals he has been wearing. Why, I don't know, it's not as if it was (or even had been) raining.  When he came back (he wasn't out very long) the boots had clearly rubbed on his toes, causing them to bleed and weep a bit and his fresh clean dressings were soiled, a couple of hours after having them put on.  Twit.

On his way home from the surgery yesterday, husband collected Betty from the groomers, so she's smelling lovely and has beautifully soft fur - it's a pity it doesn't last long, especially the lovely smell.  She loves going to the groomers (her whole body wags with excitement when we take her there) and they love her, they say she's as good as gold.

Today I've got washing to put on the line in a minute, a big pan of bolognese to make, portion up and freeze, and a quiche to make to take with us to the caravan, we're going tomorrow.  So I've also got packing of food and clothes for the van, I've got it down to a fine art now.

Thank you for all the comments - the tip about leg weights is a good one, thanks Jayne.


  1. Honestly! Men!!! That was remarkably silly! xx

  2. Sounds like a thing only a man would do!!

    Our dogs are booked into the groomers on Monday, they always come back silky soft and very tired, which gives us a sweet smelling house and a nice quiet one too for a few hours.

  3. I do wonder at the male of our species. Mine can be similarly idiotic.


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