Wednesday 27 July 2022

Lovely peaceful time

 Betty and I had a peaceful uneventful night here in the van, we both slept well.  At least, I did, and I assume Betty must have done too as she didn't wake me up, she was stretched out fast asleep across the full length of the sofa when I got up.  Husband apparently didn't sleep so well on his own at home!  I've just spoken to him on the phone, he says the fitters have just about finished installing the upstairs windows and are going off, they'll be back tomorrow morning to do the downstairs, apparently.  Why they couldn't do all of the windows in one day, seeing as it only takes half a day to do one floor, I don't know.  Ah well, makes no difference to me.  So husband has decided he's coming back to the caravan, rather than sticking around at home all by himself.....he said he'll get up early tomorrow and return home to let the fitters back in.  He says they've cleared up after themselves, leaving no mess.  Unlike the mess and destruction of plants that the roofers did.  Incidentally, husband found several sizeable pieces of old roof timbers, fascia bits, old tiles etc inside our hedge a couple of weeks ago - clearly purposely dumped there by the roofers!  And they still haven't been back to collect the scaffolding fittings they left behind.  Lazy scumbags.

Betty has been as good as gold here alone with me, no trouble at all.  She's either missing her dad, or, more likely, she's just calmer when he's not here chattering away all the time, playing with her and generally winding her up.

Had a nice time wandering around Wells yesterday, they have some interesting charity shops there.  I didn't find anything that desperately shouted 'buy me' though, apart from a couple more books.

It's so quiet here again, not many van owners and only 2 or 3 touring vans with holidaymakers.  It never ceases to surprise me that more of the van owners don't come more regularly, but I suppose they do mostly live further away than we do, and I know a few of them aren't yet retired.  I just think considering we all have to pay our annual site fees whether we stay here or not, it makes sense to come and use the van as much as we can, to get our money's worth!

It's been lovely not having the TV put on all the time on random rubbish daytime TV programmes.  I watched a documentary about Kew Gardens last night (we used to live not far from there before I met husband, and I went there many times) and then switched it off.  I've not had the TV on at all today, just had Radio 2 on for a bit for the Ken Bruce show, he's on hols though so it was Gary Davies standing there's a blast from the past, I used to really like him on Radio 1 and Top of the Pops during the 80s.  


  1. Your caravan sounds like heaven, so pleased it has turned out such a joy for you.

  2. But how do you really feel about the roofers? I'm sure Betty slept well- you're estimation probably spot on if she left you alone. We had a few nights with a little thunder and lightning so no one gets peace from our pup.

  3. Sounds like your husband missed you and Betty more than you both missed him.😄 I can't understand workers who leave a mess. They're not going to get good reviews or repeat business. At least you weren't paying them for the privilege of having their rubbish left behind! xx

  4. Without a vehicle parked at your van , no one else knows you are there either. ;)

  5. I'm glad the week is working out well for you. It's not good that you're still finding rubbish from when the roof was done but the window people sound more professional. xx


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