Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Planning for next week

 I've been coping alright with the hot sun (basically, I just stay out of it.....either inside the caravan or sitting under the big parasol outside) but yesterday the humidity got to me.  We had little to no sun, only a brief light misting of rain in the morning, but it was SO humid and sticky, which made me feel very unwell.  Sleeping was a bit hit and miss last night, but I'm fine today.  It's been a really nice morning, not a lot of sun (it's come out now) but a nice comfortable warm temperature without the stickiness of yesterday.  I've sat outside most of the morning, chatting with the neighbours and writing lists of things to take home, things to bring back next week, and my shopping list for Friday.  This afternoon I'll get the stuff we need to take home all sorted out, ready for Husband to pack in the car later on, we'll go off home around 7 pm.  It should only take me an hour to get everything done, and then I'll be reading and relaxing outside before we go off home.

Apologies are due - for some reason I've been unable to comment on blogs whilst here at the van, I have been reading though.  And, in common with some fellow bloggers, I've also been finding comments from regular readers in the Spam folder.  Obviously a Blogger glitch.

A busy few days ahead, I'm hoping to get everything I need to done before the real heatwave arrives on Sun/Mon and Betty and I hibernate in the cooler parts of the house.

My brother (who lives in Cornwall) and his wife had a lovely time this morning, before they both went off to work late morning.  They took a flask of coffee, hot bacon sandwiches wrapped in foil, and a bottle of water for the dog (they have an Irish terrier) and went to the beach, early before the hordes of tourists arrive.  Breakfast on the beach followed by a quick swim in the sea, then home by 10 am.  Something we might do when we're back here next week.....well, breakfast on the beach, no swim, although I might paddle!  We get up early anyway, so might as well take advantage of (hopefully) an empty beach before the tourists wake up.  Must check the tide tables for next week.


  1. I've just checked my spam, loads of comments there, not had an issue before, thanks for the tip.

  2. Your brother has a good plan. I'm sure timing is everything when you live near a summer tourist destination.

  3. It is the same in the Lake District - get up, get out early, and be on the way back home before the masses arrive :-)

    If you use Firefox or Safari, I (possibly) know how to fix the inability to comment when you are at the van. Email me if you think I can help. x

  4. I live in a seaside town, and although it's good for the businesses when it's busy, I can't be doing with it. We like to get things done early on, before the hordes arrive! xx

  5. Good luck with the journey home. Hoping all goes well for you. xx

  6. Hmmm, now I am hoping that I don't have a great many responses in Spam.... I wouldn't know where to find those though I do find the occasional response in my junk email folder.

    God bless.


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