Friday 15 July 2022

The veg mountain begins

 I went on the treadmill this morning for the first time, just 10 mins to begin with.  It was fine, at least it woke me up a bit.....not a good night, for some reason Betty was very restless and fidgety (hot probably) and kept jumping off the bed, lying on the floor for 5 mins, then jumping back up again.  After about an hour of this, she went downstairs, thankfully, she stayed downstairs for the rest of the night.  My hip is excrutiatingly painful at the mo, so that kept waking me up/kept me awake a lot of the time.

We went out at 8.30 this morning to do a big shop - it was a lot busier than the last time we went, I guess people were stocking up with bbq and salad foods for the coming hot weekend, some kids have already broken up from school, and more tourists starting to arrive.  As they only had 2 checkouts open, it took an absolute age to get through.  I know they're short staffed (and it shows) and they want people to use the self service tills, but it does irritate me.  I think I'll have to go back to letting husband do the shop, or doing it online.

I've got a mountain of courgettes to deal with this afternoon, and a load of new potatoes.....I'm going to thickly slice the courgettes, halve the potatoes, toss them in oil, herbs and spices and bung them all in the oven - and then vacate the kitchen so I don't have to be in there whilst the oven's on!  The majority of the veg will be portioned up and frozen.  I've told husband not to bring any more stuff in for the time being, I've got a busy couple of days and won't have time to deal with anything else.  He has this habit of bringing in a ton of veg from the garden (whether I've asked for it or not), dumping it all on the kitchen worktop and then buggering off.

I'm seriously considering telling him not to bother growing anything other than a couple of courgette plants (we currently have 5 I think), some first early spuds and some leeks next year.  The gluts are just too much for me to deal with, he doesn't have the energy or enthusiasm to look after the crops properly (there's a bed of strawberries covered by a fruit cage that he's not even looked at!!) and it all gets covered with weeds.  And the fact that we spend so much time at the caravan means the home garden produce doesn't get watered, so half of the stuff doesn't do very well anyway.  We did get a neighbour to water for us last year, but he's got some health problems and can't do it regularly now.  

I'm trying to cut down on work for us both, we're not getting any younger!

The nurse told husband yesterday that he's putting too much padding on his toes when he redresses them himself, causing them to sweat....she said they need to breathe to heal properly, she puts a large but light dressing on them.  The reason he's been padding them so much is because, being the clumsy clot he is, he's always bumping his toes on something or other and of course he frequently drops things, oh and Betty frequently treads on them too - she's also a clumsy clot!

Had my eyes tested yesterday and they're fine, no change from two years ago so no need for new glasses (one less expense).  The optician said I have the merest hint of a possible cataract starting, but it's so minute and insignificant it's hardly even worth mentioning (I'd specifically asked her about signs of cataracts, as both Mum and my sister had/have them, and my sis is younger than me).  She said I shouldn't have to worry about it for a few years yet.

I loved reading all your comments yesterday, they did make me laugh, I think we must all be married to clones of my OH!  I guess it's just a man thing.  Wouldn't a women-only bungalow retirement village be nice ๐Ÿ˜.  We'd have to allow our blokes to come and do the odd necessary job though, on a strict appointment basis ๐Ÿ˜‚


  1. Yes, appointments (at our convenience) would be good. They do have their uses, bless 'em, but a lot of the time they're worse than 3 year olds! I've (unintentionally) turned my garden into a wildlife garden. I don't have the mojo to be out there too often, especially in the heat. Everything is more or less left to its own devices. I very occasionally cut the grass, and have cut back some plants that are threatening to take over. The benefit is, I spotted a hedgehog a few nights ago. I haven't seen one for so many years, it took me a few seconds to recognise what it was! He/she has now moved on๐Ÿ˜ข, but I knew the branches that I chuck behind the shed would come in handy! I had to get new glasses last week. Varifocals with adaptive lenses - just short of £300, thank you very much! Mind you, I can now see much better, so I guess they're worth it. xx

  2. Normally I avoid commenting when sign in is required ( don't ask me why - no good reason!) but I just had to today because like others have said before me , I could have written most of your post today it's so like my own experience and it made me chuckle which is always a good thing isn't it?
    The flippin veg mountain, just how much veg can 2 people eat and at the time of year when it's cheaper in the shops too! Not much of it freezes well either and if it does , well , what a melarky that is if you do it properly.
    I am grateful to have a veg plot and I am aware how lucky we are in this country not to be starving but last year , due to having a young dog we didn't grow any of our own and I didn't miss it a bit!
    Alison in Wales x

  3. I agree, a glut of veg can be an embarrassment and they do take a fair old bit of work as well. xx

  4. I take back my suggestion that I am married to a clone of your husband. No way can I let mine do the weekly shop . . . can't ruddy afford to, he thinks he is being kind & clever by bringing back all sorts of things that were not on the list, most of which is never used.

  5. I'd rather have a glut than have nothing!


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