Monday, 25 July 2022

Excitement at the caravan park

 Yesterday I bought some books (50p each) from a car boot sale.  Betty barked at a couple of magpies on the grass outside the van.  This morning a kestrel has been flying overhead, quite low, making a lot of sharp 'kekekekeke' calls.  Husband and lovely van neighbour Charlie are doing a tip trip today, taking away some accumulated rubbish.  I'll be deadheading the roses, petunias and cosmos, which are all flowering profusely.  And that's a quick sum up of our exciting activities here, it's all go!

You may think it boring - on the contrary, it's exactly the slow pace of life with not a lot to do except read, watch birds, potter in the garden and chat that I enjoy so much when we're here.  Tomorrow will be a bit more exciting - we're planning on going to Wells, one of my favourite places, it's forecast to be sunny.  

We've had a few showers which have meant we haven't needed to water the pots.  I've given up on the salad veg growing here at the van, they need regular watering which we can't do obviously when we're not here.  In one of the tubs I've planted some herbs - sage, thyme and garlic chives, hopefully they'll survive better, and they look pretty.  In the other I've put some drought tolerant succulents, I'll take photos and put them on when I remember.

Husband's going home tomorrow evening, leaving Betty and I here for a couple of days.  He's overseeing the new windows going in, it'll apparently take a day and a half, so he'll be back here Thursday early afternoon I should think.  Oh, he's also got what will probably be his final nurse appointment for his toes, which are healing well.


  1. That's my kind of excitement! Glad your husband's toes are healing well, despite his best efforts! Enjoy the couple of days peace, with Betty. xx

  2. It sounds just perfect, Sooze. Really perfect.
    I'm very glad the toes are healing well too.
    Enjoy your quiet time. xx

  3. Sounds absolutely perfect, enjoy! x

  4. That sounds like my perfect level of excitement. Oh we are all real jet setters here aren't we ;-)

    Life is meant to be lived ... not rushed through at a silly pace.

  5. It sounds absolute bliss to me. Enjoy!

  6. Those type of days are my favourite. Glad to hear that the toes are healing nicely.

    God bless.


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