Monday 4 July 2022

Quiet (non-drama queen antics) day

 I seemed to end up doing not much of anything really yesterday, but still felt shattered by early evening.  I think all I did was put washing on the line, sort out another basketful and load the machine to run overnight.  I cooked the roast - leg of pork with roasted small new potatoes (from our garden), buttered cabbage, cauli and broccoli cheese, peas and carrots.  Enough pork left over for sandwiches the next 2 or 3 days, or perhaps a risotto or stir fry, and plenty of leftover veg frozen.  I also boiled a big panful of new potatoes - finally the last of the bucketful that husband dug up more than a week ago.  We'll have them cold with meals today and tomorrow and there might be some left to freeze.  Must be a good year for potatoes, looks like we'll have loads going by the amount he dug up which were just the first of the ones he planted.

And that was that - all I did other than that was watch the Grand Prix, which was horrifically dramatic at the start (thankfully, the young guy whose car rolled over and flew over the tyre barrier into the wall wasn't really injured, amazingly) and edge of the seat exciting with Lewis Hamilton overtaking and being overtaken at the end.  Pity he didn't win as he was on home ground, but at least he got on the podium with 3rd place.

So looks like husband's toe (or toes....he doesn't know if they're doing one or both) op is going ahead this morning - although it could still be cancelled last minute, of course.  A neighbour is taking him and bringing him home, seeing as he's not allowed to drive for 12 hours after the op.  I'll get some work done in glorious peace and quiet this morning whilst he's out.  Betty's got the groomers on Wednesday, I'm hoping we can go to the van Thurs or Fri, depending on husband's feet.  Should be ok though, it's only his ingrowing toenails he's having seen to, nothing major.  Apparently, it should only be a bit taken off each side of the nail, unless there's a problem - well, the nail on one of his big toes looks absolutely awful so it wouldn't surprise me if they took the whole nail off.  They put some stuff (a kind of acid, apparently) on the skin under the bit of nail they cut off each side which prevents the nail regrowing.....sounds revolting.  It could take up to 6 weeks to heal completely, so the info leaflet says.  Since he's Mr Clumsy and is always dropping things, he'd better try and avoid dropping anything on his toes!

My friend says she's shattered after the party (they had 6 of her husband's relatives staying overnight, so she had a big breakfast to cook yesterday morning), she's adamant he's not having another one!


  1. Your friend is very sensible!!
    Good luck to 'Him' - hoping at all goes well and is totally trouble free.

    I often feel more tired after a nothing sort of day but it's not a 'healthy' tiredness.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet! xx

  2. Hope the op goes ahead and Hubby makes a speedy recovery. I'm not surprised your friend has put her foot down. Catering for (and clearing up) a party, then hosting 6 people overnight and for breakfast sounds like too much work to me! I bet if her husband had to do all that, he'd have changed plans! Hoping you can get to the van later in the week. xx


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