Sunday 3 July 2022

An 'interesting' party!

 I slept really well last night and woke this morning at 6.30 (well, Betty woke me up licking my hand) feeling refreshed and pretty much back to normal.  I'm feeling positive and happy, it's going to be a nice week weather-wise and hopefully we'll be going back to the caravan soon.

We did go to the neighbour's 70th party last night - although there had been some heavy showers during the day, by early evening the sun was shining and it was quite warm, so the party went ahead outside as planned.  It was.....interesting!  The birthday bloke, who likes to think of himself as the life and soul of the party and someone who hosts amazing parties (hmmm 😉), had hired a drag queen singer (yes, really) who, for whatever reason, had decided to perform as 'himself' as opposed to his drag queen persona.  However, as we arrived he was engaged in a full-on hissy fit - apparently he'd had his laptop stolen from out of his car, he sings to backing music tracks which are on his laptop.  "My entire LIFE is on that laptop, DAHLING!" he was proclaiming loudly in the campest way ever.  And then he left(!!) pronouncing that he couldn't possibly perform without his laptop.  Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not remotely homophobic (or any other persuasion) - we have both gay and transgender family and friends who we love dearly.  But the singer was just so OTT drama queenish that I couldn't help but giggle.

The neighbour had also hired a magician for the evening.....which struck me as slightly odd as there weren't any children at the party, the 2 youngest there were his 16 & 17 y.o. grandchildren.  Whilst I acknowledge that magicians are clever, I have to say that so-called 'magic' leaves me cold, it's only basically sleight of hand isn't it.  Well, that's my view anyway.  He did lots of card and rope tricks, he was very professional and most people seemed to like him.  We stayed a couple of hours, the food was nice, I just felt a bit sorry for my friend (the birthday bloke's wife) who had had to do all the work involved and had been getting progressively more stressed and irritated by all the latest ideas for the party her husband had been coming up with for the past fortnight.  He's a law unto himself and oblivious to the chaos he causes.  She said she'd much rather have gone out for a nice meal! (I'm with her on that).  My husband does my head in sometimes, but I'd take him any day over her husband, I should think he's a complete nightmare to live with.  Takes all sorts, I guess.

I shall be doing some batch cooking and freezing over the next few days, on the assumption that we'll be able to get away to the caravan in the latter part of this week.


  1. I've just told Tony that he can do the cooking next time we have friends over. The look of horror on his face was a picture.

  2. Interesting is an understatement! Still it takes all sorts. I agree, a nice meal out is much more preferable than catering at home for several guests (and a drag queen having tantrums!). Fingers crossed for your hubby's op and you being able to get away. xx

  3. Well that's an interesting way to celebrate. My SIL turns 60 later this year and I m sure she'll throw a huge bang of a party.

  4. I'm very glad you had a pleasant time, even if some elements were - er - different.
    I agree - a nice meal out beats a party hollow and day of the week. xx

  5. Oh well if the guy enjoyed his own party then that's okay I suppose, although I do feel sorry for his wife. Perhaps she should plan her next party exactly the way SHE wants it.

  6. I wonder what his teenage grandchildren thought of his party!!! Mine would have run a mile!!


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