Tuesday 12 July 2022

From blazing sun to clouds and humidity

 Slept like a log last night - took me a while to get off to sleep initially, as it was so warm, but once I was asleep I slept for several hours.  It's not really sunny today, only brief glimpses of the sun in between the blanket of cloud - I don't mind it not being sunny as it's been too hot with full sun the last few days.  However, although the temperature is a couple of degrees lower, it is humid and sticky today.  There was the briefest of showers here this morning quite early - well, it could hardly even be called a shower, more like a very light misting, certainly nowhere near enough to wet the ground.  And it only lasted a couple of minutes.  We could do with a good downpour, to clear the air.

Having discussed it this morning and stood in the kitchen working it out, and had a look in lovely van neighbours' kitchen to see where theirs is situated, we've (well, I've) decided we will have a microwave.  I've always used my home one quite a lot and I am sure I'll make much more use of one in the caravan rather than the oven - as I said yesterday, it's simply not a good idea to have the oven on in hot weather.  HH - the air fryer does give out a bit of heat, not as much as the oven, but I'd still notice it in the van.  I'll still bring home-cooked ready meals, but in suitable glass or plastic microwavable containers rather than the foil containers I have been using.  We have one wall cupboard that only houses the electric sandwich maker, which I could store in the under the sink cupboard with a bit of reorganisation, the microwave could go in that cupboard.....well, in the space there.  Husband has already dismantled the cupboard and is in the process of measuring up for back boards, framework etc to hold the new microwave.  Which I've already sourced and paid for, we'll collect it when we go back home.

So the plan is we'll go home tomorrow evening, when the rush hour traffic has died down and the temperature dropped a bit.  Husband has to see the nurse on Thursday, to check on his toes (he changed the dressings himself yesterday, with a bit of help from me, which I'm really not over-keen to do again!), and I've got my eye test appointment in the afternoon.  Got a few jobs to do at home over the weekend....although I doubt I'll be doing much in the blazing heat forecast for Sunday!....and then we'll hopefully come back here to the van Monday evening.  If it's still very hot by the evening, though, then we'll wait until Tuesday when it's forecast to be a bit cooler. 

It's certainly been relaxing the past couple of days, we've not been anywhere (too hot) or done anything much except sit in the garden (under my big parasol) and chat to neighbours.  The odd bit of gardening or vacuuming I've done either early morning or in the evening......far too warm to do anything during the day.  Betty's currently lying on her bed in the lounge in front of the fan, fast asleep.  Husband has been going for a snooze in the afternoons, but hasn't today, he's been too busy with his pencil stuck behind his ear doing measurements for the microwave housing - personally, I think he overthinks things sometimes, but he gets there in the end.  And it keeps him busy (and the TV off!).


  1. Yes, we had a very short shower this morning, too. Nothing to write home about, though! I'm sure the microwave will be a boon at the caravan. It's not like you'll be doing lots of baking or roasting, just heating stuff through. It's your holiday home, so you've got to make it as relaxing as possible. xx

  2. We got a 10 minute down pour last night and that's it. Everything's bone dry again. I feel bad for farmers needing to irrigate so much. Betty has it right.

  3. The microwave is an excellent idea - it will be so very useful.
    We had a bit of rain too, just enough to dampen the ground but not to water the plants, sadly. xx


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