Thursday 28 July 2022

Paint job to go with the new windows

 The new windows upstairs look good, according to husband.  He went off back home early this morning, I've just spoken to him and he says the fitters are on schedule to finish downstairs by lunchtime.  He's stopping off to pick up a couple of bits of top up shopping needed on his way back here, he estimates he'll be back here by mid afternoon.  Betty was pleased to see him when he got back yesterday, she's currently asleep (she has such a hard life!) pressed up against my side on the sofa.

I've been having a look at paint this morning, it's time we decorated at home, not done it since before we had Betty.  We need to use hard wearing washable paint on the walls, Betty has a habit of having a good shake once she's finished eating or drinking, so the walls frequently need washing down!  Husband doesn't mind decorating, I've always hated it, but it needs doing now before we get too ancient and infirm.  As it is, I don't think we'll be able to manage the stairs and landing, far too precarious for husband to be up a ladder now, so we'll have to get someone in to do that.  Fortunately, the bedrooms are fine, it's just downstairs that really needs a lick of paint.

We also need new curtains for the hall window, the dining room and a new kitchen blind, the lounge curtains are fine.  I'll probably look in charity shops for the curtains, they generally have a good selection.  It'll be nice to have a new fresh looking home along with the new windows, I've lost a bit of interest in home stuff lately, this might revive it.

The weather is dull and even a bit chilly today, unusual after the high temperatures recently, forecast to be better tomorrow though.  We might go out somewhere tomorrow, it'll be good to have a day out before we go home on Saturday.  Fish and chips by the beach sounds good!


  1. It sounds as though your home will be all fresh and cosy ready for Autumn. Curtains from charity shops sound like a very good idea, but if you can't find any Dunelm frequently have a lot at very reduced prices in their sale bins. I got all the curtains for the flat for less than £40 and that was for three windows one of which was super wide. They were all blackout curtains and thermal lined too.

  2. I've been thinking about giving some of our rooms a lick of paint, too. Must be something in the air! I bought a pair of curtains from a charity shop the other day. £4, fully lined and big enough to do the hall and landing windows. Hope you manage to get to the beach tomorrow. The weather is certainly changeable at the moment! xx

  3. Perfect time to get things done.

    God bless.

  4. When we moved I was able to re-use a lot of our old curtains or made some using my fabric stash but still needed some for a few doors and windows. I ended up getting them from eBay and was surprised how cheap and still good quality they were. Good luck.

  5. Sounds as if everyone has you set for curtains. Have fun picking a color and a new to you window covers. Make sure there is a hint of purple in there make you smile.


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