Saturday, 11 March 2023

Trying not to worry.....

 ...Try telling my stomach that though!

By 9.00 am when husband was ready to go out yesterday, I did feel a bit better (having been up since before 6 am) so I went with him and got dropped off at Sainsburys.  Had a really nice latte in a lovely big mug in the cafe, which was nearly empty so relatively quiet.  Nothing to eat, I didn't want to risk upsetting my still delicate stomach with any of their yummy-looking muffins etc.  Had a leisurely stroll round the supermarket and got the few bits I needed.  Husband said he really enjoyed his big breakfast with his mate.  He didn't tell his mate about his memory assessment, he said his mate had problems of his own and wanted to offload, so husband let him talk.  We keep seeing adverts and snippets of news items on TV which are about Alzheimers and other forms of dementia, which is a bit disconcerting, it's making both of us feel a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

Back home, I had a slice of toast with cottage cheese on it for a light lunch, husband just had a piece of fruit as he was full up from his big breakfast with his mate.  Even the toast and cottage cheese gave me a gurgly stomach.  It had settled down by teatime, so I had Morrisons posh fishcakes (they're not battered or crumbed, just lightly dusted) and some peas, husband had fish and chips and peas.  Gurgly stomach again afterwards, so my guts are definitely upset right now.  It'll wear off in a day or two.  Anxiety always gives me gut problems.

I am worried about the possibility of husband having some form of dementia, there's no doubting it, but am deliberately trying not to dwell on it.....we'll know soon enough, once he's had all the tests.  I wish the Memory Assessment team would get their fingers out and get his appointment organised quickly though.  Apparently, they will aim to see him within 6 weeks of referral.  

As I type this it's sleeting outside....more rain-like than snow, thankfully, and it's not settling.  The coming week looks to be a right mixture of sun, rain, cloud, warmer days and cold ones.  

I accidentally deleted instead of publishing a few comments on yesterday's post, my apologies if yours was one of them.  Not thinking straight right now.  Must try harder!


  1. I'm not surprised you're all over the place at the moment, Sooze. Worry does that to me, too.
    I'm glad you felt well enough to go for that coffee. A little treat!
    The warmer, more settled weather is scheduled for next week, so I heard on the TV. Watch this space - they don't always get it right!
    Take care, dear friend. xx

  2. your comment that you arent thinking straight just now indicates that being stressed affects a persons thinking, is your husband stressed but not showing it? or because he relies on you he doesnt have to think? therefore doesnt need to remember, just know there are many reasons not just dementia, i know we always think the worst but hang in there x x

  3. Just like I'm noticing all the food adverts everywhere this last two weeks, now you have Alzheimer's/dementia on your mind you are noticing all the adverts and info-mercials that are out there. Try not to let them worry you, easier said than done I know, but leaving research or following up on links etc until later will be much better.

  4. It seems like those advertisements sneak up on you. One minute they are no where and the next minute they are everywhere. I know it is very hard not to think the worst (I do it all the time), so I am not going to say don't think about it. Just roll with it and try not to let it stress you too much.

    God bless.

  5. I'm sorry you are so worried...wish I could do something to help!
    I'll be praying!
    Big hug to you!!

  6. Hugs. I am glad you had a lovely coffee out. More hugs. My digestive system does the same with stress.


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