Monday 27 March 2023

Further to.....

 To explain a bit further about my reluctance to move to that 'perfect' bungalow, should we be offered it (we haven't been offered it yet, and may not be at all as there are still several people with greater eligibility in front of us in the queue of bidders).  Oh, and Kim - here we are allowed 3 bids per week - if we are offered any property and then turn them down, three times in a row, then we are temporarily suspended from making any more bids, for a period of a few weeks (I'd have to check the actual period, I think it's fairly short though).  We aren't removed from the list and don't have to reapply. 

A few of you have said you moved to completely different areas where you knew no-one.  Well, so did we, 13 years ago we moved down here from the Midlands where the majority of our family and friends are.  None of our family live nearby (the closest being my brother in Cornwall, nearly 2 hours drive away), and we only knew 1 set of friends who live here in Somerset, and even they lived 40 mins drive away at the time.  But - and here's the thing - we were both in good health then.  We're not now.  If husband IS diagnosed with some form of dementia (there are apparently around a dozen different kinds), then sooner or later we are both going to need a lot of support.  And most likely we will then eventually both be housebound (as I'll be looking after him).  It's looking increasingly likely that he may well have dementia, as the other options for his memory loss (and other related problems) are being discounted, one by one - he doesn't have a UTI, or Vit B12 deficiency, nor is his memory stuff medication related - the GP has ruled that out, having made several tweaks to his meds over the past few weeks.

Here, we know everyone in our little community and have several friends and neighbours who offer help and support.  I know we'll make new friends wherever we move to, but a lot depends on what husband is diagnosed with (if anything) and how quickly it will advance or deteriorate.  It would be difficult for our current friends to help out in an emergency, say, if we were living over an hour away.

But if we do get offered this bungalow, we will definitely go and view it, and make a decision then, after weighing up all the pros and cons.


  1. Very wise. You can't make any decisions until you know what (if anything) you're dealing with. It doesn't cost anything to look, though, and then you can weigh up the pros and cons. xx

  2. Praying it all goes the way you want!

  3. You are using common sense about your situation. Is there a place in your own community that would suit? Or do you have to move out of that community to get the help from the government that you might need?

    God bless.

  4. It's a very big decision and you are very wise. xx

  5. It's a very big decision, and we find everything so much harder the older we get. I'm sure everything will eventually fall into place for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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