Saturday, 4 March 2023

Feeling sluggish

 So it was Ken Bruce's last ever show on Radio 2 yesterday, we listened to it all.  Very emotional at times, but he was professional to the end, he even said that the BBC, despite a few vagaries(!!) remained the best broadcaster in the world, which was very gracious of him.  I'm sure people wouldn't blame him if he had put kippers inside the hem of the office curtains, as one of his listeners suggested!  That's the last time I listen to Radio 2 on a regular basis - I have no objection to Vernon Kay, who's taking over Ken's show in a few weeks, and do actually like some of the remaining presenters.....Gary Davies e.g. (he's doing Ken's show until VK takes over).  I used to really like Gary Davies actually, when he was on Radio 1 and Top of the Pops years ago, he was so goodlooking and had such a friendly manner.  And I like listening to Michael Ball on Sunday mornings, he's like the boy next door with his gossipy friendly chat, it feels like he's one of your best mates.  But I do feel strongly that the BBC have shot themselves in the foot getting rid of the older presenters, and the way they've forced Ken Bruce out 3 weeks early is deplorable.  So I shall be listening to Greatest Hits radio from now on, and sticking 2 fingers up to Radio 2!!

I had a phone call late yesterday afternoon from the hospital physio department....cancelling my first specialist physio exercise class scheduled for next Wednesday.  This is a brand new class being set up, it's specifically designed with exercises for patients with the same GTPS (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome) hip bursitis that I have.  Unfortunately, this first group class would have been a group of....just one - me!  And as the introductory class was to have been 1.5 hours, it wouldn't be the best use of their resources to have just one person there.  Understandable I suppose.  Apparently, no other GTPS patients who were asked this week if they'd like to join the class said yes, I was the only one who agreed (I jumped at the chance, actually).  They fully expect to have more of an uptake by the time of the next class, next month (having initially been told it would likely be a weekly or fortnightly class, now they're thinking along the lines of monthly 😒).  Ce la vie!

We had fish, chips and mushy peas for dinner last night.....well, husband did, when it came to serving up I really didn't fancy the chips - what with the battered fish and the mushy peas, it was just all too carby for me, so I just had the fish and peas.  I'm now feeling the effects of eating too many carbs lately, feeling sluggish and bloated, and really beginning to crave salads....ironically, when they're not in season and there are some shortages, and really cold weather is forecast for next week!  We're going to the supermarket early this morning (as soon as we're showered and dressed, to avoid the crowds) so I can have a look at what salady things they've got.  Husband's having bbq pork ribs tonight, I fancy cottage cheese with salad and fruit, something really light.

On our local news yesterday, there was a report about some lions being moved from Bristol Zoo to Kent, they showed the lions.  Betty, who was sitting beside me, leapt up and jumped on the sofa, which is nearest to the TV on the wall - barking and growling at the TV.....she hates cats!  I took a couple of photos but unfortunately they came out really blurry - camera shake, as I was laughing so much.  She really is funny sometimes, she makes me laugh every day.


  1. What a shame about the physio class, but I can see that if you were going to be the only one...
    It was husband's birthday yesterday, so we went off our strict diet, and now I feel yuk! Well, that may be an exaggeration, but I know I've eaten too much carb and sugar. I'm looking forward to my big salad for lunch!
    I can remember one of my cat's looking behind the TV for the football when it went out of shot. Animals do make you laugh, sometimes. xx

  2. How frustrating about the physio class - grrrr. I do hope next month comes off - you can't be the only one having such issues.

  3. It's a shame that the class was cancelled, hopefully they will have a few more people soon and make it more of a viable thing. All three of my animals love watching the television when there are any sort of animals or birds on, they usually spot them before we do and sit up and watch.

  4. We have had the same thing happen with our news reporters here, both on the radio and print. It seems like here they get rid of great woman reporters and keep some of the men that are not really very good.

    God bless.


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