Wednesday, 1 March 2023

And off we go....the start of another caravan season

 CARAVAN DAY!!!  We'll be heading off when rush hour tails off.  We're expecting it to be very cold in the van at first, but it'll soon warm up with the electric fire and a couple of the oil filled elec radiators switched on.  I'll try to remember to take some pics of the garden, I'm hoping some of the Spring bulbs I'd planted back in October are flowering.  The car got packed yesterday with most of the van essentials, we're taking lunch with us and will be spending a few hours there.

My physio yesterday went well, the therapist has given me another exercise to do standing on the stairs which is specifically designed to help strengthen my hip, as I mentioned that my hip feels very weak when going up the stairs.  It's in conjunction with the other 2 exercises she gave me previously, both of which I do lying on the bed, she's advised me to do 10 reps of each, with a couple of minutes break and then repeat each set twice more.  She said to do them every other day, giving time for my hip to settle down in between, as she said increasing the amount of sets may inflame my hip without sufficient rest/recovery time.  She's also booked me in for a weekly exercise class, a new one that's starting up at the hospital soon which is specially for people with the same problem as mine, that'll be helpful I should think.

We've decided that we're not going to be dieting just yet after all - with this albeit sunny but very cold weather we're having at the moment, we are both finding we want carby meals.  I'm all for listening to my body and doing what it wants, so it feels right to me to carry on eating carby foods just now.  Once the weather gets warmer, then we'll start cutting down on the carbs, and hopefully getting out for walks more.  I'm not overdoing the carbs, but if I feel like having mashed potato, chips or toast a few times a week, then I do.  I'm trying to balance it by having at least one low carb meal a day.

I've told Betty we're off to the caravan today.....she was staring up at me, looking as if she was listening intently but probably thinking 'Mum, I don't speak human, just give me a biscuit' 😂😂.  She can tell something is going on though, she's been following me around this morning (I was up very early, unsurprisingly) watching me carefully.


  1. Exciting! I hope all is well when you get there, no nasty surprises, although I expect the site manager would have contacted you if there was anything too bad.
    Good news on the physio front. It's boring, but true, exercise does help. I must take my own advice!
    Enjoy your happy place. xx
    PS we want lots of pics, please!

  2. I won't try losing weight until April, as you say it's not the weather to start cutting back, and it's not great for walking.

  3. At the first sign of preparation for a camping trip, my dog used to watch intently then make his way to the front door and lie down in front of it. A very strong reminder that I wouldn't be going without him! As if!

  4. Woo hoo - I hope the day has been brilliant for you. xx


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