Friday 31 March 2023

Our first night away!

 Amazingly, the weather for Sunday and Monday actually looks reasonable, with little if any rain (hooray!!).  So we're going to the caravan Sunday morning and staying till Monday afternoon, our first night spent in it this season.  As it's the weekend before Easter and schools break up today (I think), there may be a few more owners there....families and grandparents with grandkids.  We'll see.  We won't be staying longer than the one night, as I have a few things to do during next week and husband has his memory tests next Thursday.

So today and tomorrow I'll be packing things for the caravan.....fortunately not too much as we've already taken quite a bit of stuff back over there on our day trips (we bring most things home for the winter).  I don't need to buy any food as we've got everything we need here in the way of fresh food ready to take, and some tinned stuff and tea/coffee already in the van.  I'll be making some sausage rolls tomorrow and possibly a fruit cake.  I've got a couple of books to take, and a half-finished crochet blanket project....which I started last year for the caravan!  I won't finish it during our one night, but will leave it there for the next time, which will hopefully be a longer stay in mid-April when the weather should be better.

Husband had a strange phone call yesterday, and it's a good example of why he needs me as his carer.  He answered the phone whilst I was busy upstairs, it was a nurse from our GP surgery.  Instead of calling me down and putting the phone on loudspeaker, as I've asked him to do whenever he has some kind of health phone call, it didn't even occur to him and he decided to deal with it himself.  The nurse apparently said that as he's diabetic, they'd like him to start taking statins.....or at least that's what he thought she said, he couldn't actually remember all the details when he came off the phone (a fine example of his terrible short term memory loss).  He declined, saying he already takes enough pills thank you very much.  

The thing is.....he's only borderline diabetic, I've seen his latest diabetes bloods results and they are absolutely fine, no cause for concern at all, as confirmed by the nurse when he went to the surgery a few weeks ago for his annual review - he doesn't even need to take any diabetes meds.  His cholesterol isn't even high, it's normal.  And he already takes a statin anyway - has done since he was diagnosed with heart failure in 2018 - after we both discussed it with his cardiologist at the time of diagnosis, it was decided that a statin was a necessary evil in view of his heart failure.  He wasn't at all sure of exactly what the nurse had said on the phone, he'd forgotten just minutes later, so what all that was about I don't know, possibly some kind of new initiative but sounding like the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.  We'll ask the GP next time we speak to him (which is quite regularly).

I don't know where this week has gone, yesterday I kept thinking it was Tuesday.  I feel like the week has just disappeared without me noticing, it's not even as if I've done very much.


  1. Yes, please to the fine weather - we've had enough rain now, surely.
    Have a fantastic time away in your happy place, Sooze. xx

  2. Oh, I do hope the weather holds out for you. I know you've been itching to stay at the caravan since you left it last year!
    Would it be worth you phoning the GP surgery to find out what the call was about? Maybe they wouldn't tell you - data protection and all that! Anyway, I'm sure you'll find out eventually. Probably a cock-up, there seems to be a lot of those, in various establishments nowadays! xx

  3. My best friend has been borderline DB for a long time. She declined the tablets saying she would deal with it herself by altering her diet. This worked well for a while, but they then said taking the tablets would benefit her organs and make it easier for them to function. She gave in.

  4. Can you ask the doctor to add notes to your husbands records, to ensure you are present on all contact, his memory issues, it would be a great help.

  5. Until you have the medical and financial LPA you could get your husband to sign a letter of consent to your Doctor saying that he is happy for you to be informed of any matters concerening his health. I did that a while ago and it works really well.

  6. Enjoy your time at the caravan, I'm sure the break, albeit a short one this time, will do you the world of good. I hope the weather stays fine for you.

  7. I agree with the others about getting permission to be notified about correspondence between the doctors office and might miss something terrible important.
    Have fun this weekend!

  8. Yes, our forecast for the weekend is quite good too, I hope you get to the caravan, it will be nice to stay overnight for the first time again.
    My Mum is exactly the same with phone calls from the doctors surgery, literally minutes after the call she can't remember who is was that called or what they said. We told her to write things down in her diary immediately but as she now seems to have two diaries on the go and an address book full of random notes and dates it's not really working out very well.

  9. So glad that you get to spend a night in the caravan. Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is just lovely.

    God bless.


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