Monday, 20 March 2023

Lots to think about

 We had a nice day out yesterday, visiting an area we're not familiar with....we've decided we're going to visit places a bit further afield where we've not necessarily been before, especially if there's been a home advertised for rent in a place we don't know well.  The idea being, we can check out local facilities and the area in general, to get an idea of whether we'd like to live there, should a suitable place come up for rent.  The place where we went yesterday was very nice, it's a village with a population of around 1,500 people, a mixture of very old and quite new houses, with 2 shops and a GP surgery within walking distance.  Larger supermarkets and retail area about 5 miles away, hospital around 10 miles.  And there's a bus service at the edge of the village, also within walking distance.  Fields surround the village, with dog walking opportunities.  So that area gets a tick for meeting our requirements.  The only thing is that it's quite a way from here and thus we'd be moving away from all our friends we've made here.....we could and would make new friends, of course.

That's something we will have to take into consideration, in view of our, well particularly husband's, health, and especially if the outcome of his upcoming memory tests isn't favourable.  Do I really want to move a fair distance away from people we know well if husband's health might be deteriorating significantly in the foreseeable future?  I'll have to have a think about that and weigh things up.

The outing was spoilt somewhat yesterday by the bloody car playing up again on the way home.  The worst thing about this particular problem with the car is the totally random nature of it - we have no idea when or if it will happen or what triggers it.  A warning light comes on and the steering immediately loses power, meaning husband really struggles to turn the wheel, so we have to pull over and switch the engine off, which resets it.  We've had the car looked at by a mobile mechanic, 2 or 3 different garages and the AA, all of whom have different ideas of what it might be.  So we're no nearer getting it fixed.  That's the trouble with buying second hand cars, you never know what problems they might have.  It's another stress to add to the list.  I bloody hate cars, they seem to be nothing but trouble....well, the ones we have do.  At least we've got a warranty with the car, so that's one good thing.  Although, as it's a problem that nobody seems to agree on the cause of, it might soon be time to think about getting rid of it - I can't be doing with random car worries.

My life always seems to be one extreme to the other - either things are going really well, as they were a couple of weeks back, or problems pile up.  And it's never just one little thing, more a pile of fairly big things.

I am stressed right now, there's no denying it, but amazingly I do seem to be coping quite well with it all this time around.


  1. Yes, it needs some good thinking about, moving too far from friends. You'll need to weigh up the pros and cons, but I'm sure the right decision will be made. Your car does seem to be a pain in the proverbial! If only one of these mechanics could sort it for good, but they all seem to be working in the dark. I think you're coping with the stress because you're organised, so feel a bit more in control. I hope things settle down again for you very soon. Hugs. xx

  2. Praying things settle soon for you...and I don't think I'd be moving out of familiar ground until I knew whats what with hubby. If even then. Everyone you know is there...and can help you. Maybe in a different neighborhood? Same town?

  3. We are thinking of moving closer to our sons. In fact right to the city where one of them lives and about 2 hours closer to the other. We would be leaving much of our extended family behind (not really a big deal in my books) but many of our friends have already moved away.

    God bless.

  4. Plenty to consider, I agree.
    Cars are very useful and I wouldn't be without mine but they are a responsibility and an expense, that's for sure. xx


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