Thursday, 2 March 2023

Everything's coming up roses

 All was well at the caravan yesterday, to my great relief.  As a matter of fact, other than the van feeling very cold, it was almost as if we'd left it only last week.  Once we put the heaters on, it soon warmed up though.  Betty was hugely excited, running around sniffing everything and checking out all her toys and chewies left there.  A tree behind and in between ours and the next van down had a large branch broken and hanging off, fortunately it wasn't anywhere near either of our vans.  There were just two other owner couples there - we didn't think there would be many.  One couple we're very friendly with so we caught up with them.....unfortunately both of the couples had minor problems with their vans, the ones we know quite well had a burst/cracked pipe underneath their van, meaning they had no water supply, apparently the other couple, right at the bottom of the park so we don't know them so well, had some problem with their electricity supply.  So we count ourselves fortunate that we appear to have no problems.

The garden was absolutely fine, although not many of the bulbs I planted were flowering......lots more poking through, so they'll be in flower very soon.  The bank bed behind our van has cyclamen in flower, a few bulbs, a camellia in bud, it'll look lovely in the next few weeks.  All the roses in pots have tiny leaf buds on them.

We had a chat with the site owner, who was well and cracking his usual jokes with his deadpan delivery (he has a somewhat strange sense of humour!).  He let us know in a roundabout way that he'll have to put the site fees up this year, although he says not by much and he himself is bearing some of the cost (due to rising electricity and water prices for the park services).  I fully expected the fees to be going up anyway and have already allowed for this, saving a bit extra each month to our caravan account.  By the time we have to pay it in June, we'll have more than enough in the account, so no worries there.

So all in all, we had a lovely few hours there.  We'll be going back one day next week.

Oh, husband forgot to take Betty's lead.....honestly, I have about 283 things to remember and pack, he has just one and forgets that!  Can't be trusted.  Still, he can't help it.  Dogs must be kept on leads whilst walking round the park, fortunately husband had a length of rope in his van toolbox he could use.....luckily he'd remembered to put Betty's collar on.

When we first heard from the Housing Dept that they'd accepted our application for social housing, they said we were only eligible for a 1 bedroom place - we'd applied for 2 bedrooms, I'd explained our need for 2 bedrooms and submitted a letter of support from our GP, explaining our requirement.  So I asked Housing for a review, reiterating our need and pointing out I'd submitted the supporting evidence from our GP, and asking if they'd overlooked this?  I had an email from them yesterday agreeing to our 2 bedroom requirement, which we're very pleased about.  Another small victory - I am truly amazed and immensely pleased that everything seems to be going our way recently.  Long may it last!  I had a shit few months struggling with everything, and I do mean everything, and it nearly finished me off.


  1. It must have been a huge relief to find everything OK. Shame about the site fees, but to be expected. Everything is going up! Good news, too, on the housing front. Everything seems to be going in your favour. Not before time! Long may it continue. xx

  2. What a lovely day - I am so glad everything was good at the caravan and how nice to see your friends again. Great news about the second bedroom too - well done for querying it so tactfully!
    Hoping today is just as lovely for you. xx

  3. We are coming out of the grey part of the year, which never helps anyone feel good, so glad all was well at the van.

  4. I'm so pleased that everything was okay at the caravan when you got there, what a relief. They soon warm up don't they, I used to go in, turn on the water and the heating and then take Suky for a half hour walk and by the time we got back it was just warm enough to start putting things away and then relaxing.

  5. Great news that all was well at the caravan. You were very smart to save extra for the site fees.

    God bless.


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