Friday, 10 March 2023

No B12 deficiency

 The GP rang yesterday, he confirmed that B12 was one of the tests in husband's recent batch of bloods.  He's not deficient in B12, his levels of that are fine.  I was kind of hoping it would turn out to be a B12 deficiency causing his memory problems, as it would be fairly easily rectified with regular injections (apparently, B12 deficiency is quite common in heart failure).  Oh well, it was a thought.  The GP was surprised that husband had heard so quickly from the Memory Assessment team - he had to refer husband to them because it's they who arrange the brain scan.  He said in his opinion the brain scan should come first, and then memory tests depending on the results, but it's up to the memory team how they organise things.

Briony and Sue, you both mentioned statins.  Yes, husband is on a statin, he was put on it when his heart failure was first diagnosed in 2018 - he wasn't keen, but we discussed it with both the GP and the cardiologist and came to the conclusion that this statin was a necessary evil with his heart failure.  I have it on my patient notes that I refuse to have a statin, so they no longer offer them to me (as they previously kept doing every time I saw them for whatever reason).  So as husband has been on the statin for nearly 5 years, I think it's unlikely to be that causing his memory problems, which only really started towards the end of last year.

This morning husband is going out with his best mate for their monthly brunch.  It'll do him good, he can have a chat with his mate who has long-term health problems of his own.  I could have got husband to drop me off at the supermarket coffee shop, so I could have my own solo coffee break, followed by a small top up shop.  However, I had a terrible night and my guts are really playing up (subconscious worry I expect), so I'll just have a quiet morning here at home with just Betty for company - and no TV on all the time.

No idea what Betty was dreaming about Wednesday night, but she actually howled in her sleep instead of her usual woofing - that's new, she's never howled before.  It woke me up of course, seeing as she was right next to me with her back pressed up against my side.  I just put my hand out and stroked her, telling her it was alright, and she stopped.  Perhaps it was intuition about her going to the vets yesterday - she hates going there.  She only went for a check up though, following her latest ear infection, everything was fine, it's cleared up.

All our snow has gone now, it's raining and very windy (funny how it's often really windy on dustbin and recycling day, so the rubbish gets blown up the road!).  The forecast is for very unsettled weather with quite a bit of rain and strong gusty winds for the next week or so.  This feels like a very long winter.


  1. I don't doubt you are having tummy problems due to stress. I am still keeping fingers crossed that all goes well with those tests.

    God bless.

  2. It has gone on for ages, what with that snow before Christmas and again in March. It has to warm up soon and I'm so looking forward to that. xx


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