Thursday, 16 March 2023

This blimmin weather.... getting me down.  The weather forecast for the next couple of weeks at least is very depressing - rainy and cloudy most days with little in the way of sunshine, quite windy too.  The only good thing about it is that the temperatures will be a few degrees higher.  So we've decided to go to the caravan tomorrow, just for the day, we won't be staying overnight yet, if we wait for good weather we'll be waiting weeks.  Hopefully there might be a few more people there, we'll see.  I'm fairly sure we'd stayed over a few nights in March last year, I'll have to look back at my posts then.  One thing that can be guaranteed with British weather is the complete uncertainty and changeableness of it!

The latest homes for rent list came out yesterday, there are 3 bungalows, one of which is really nice and would be eminently suitable for all our requirements, so I've put in a bid for it - my first ever.  It's doubtful, very doubtful actually, that we'll get anywhere with it, it's bound to be popular - there were already 29 people with more eligibility ahead of us by yesterday evening.  But nothing ventured.....and all that.

My hips, having been much better lately, were so stiff and painful this morning when I got out of bed that I could hardly walk and getting down the stairs for my coffee and then back up again to shower and dress was agonising.  It's eased up a bit now though, both the pain and the stiffness.  I didn't take any paracetamol when I went to bed last night, so perhaps that's why.  It would be nice to have a place with no stairs - it would benefit both of us.  My guts seem a lot more settled this morning, so that's good.  Several days going very low carb and smaller portions seem to have done the trick.  I'm going to make meatballs today with chicken mince (chicken or turkey mince is the only meat I eat now), we'll have them with a homemade tomato sauce and green veggies.

Having put the decluttering and packing of things we don't need immediately on hold for a while, I think we'll get going on it again next week.  I want to completely sort out my craft room-cum-spare bedroom, I'm going to pack away all my craft stuff for the time being.  I have a little stock of cards both homemade and bought ready for birthdays, anniversaries etc, so won't need to make any for ages yet, and I haven't done any drawing or crocheting for weeks and weeks....I've been reading a lot instead.  As my sister and her friend will be coming down to stay for a holiday in a few weeks, I need the spare room to go back to being a bedroom and not a workroom.  We're due for another tip trip too, we've got a couple of bags or boxes full already, and there'll be more next week, we may as well fill the car up before we go.  Incidentally, speaking of the car, it seems to be behaving again....fingers crossed.


  1. Another one here totally fed up with the cold miserable weather. Our daughter gets married in a week. It was meant to be a spring wedding, could well be a snowy one!

  2. Well, I hope you win the bid for the apartment! I can't imagine living in a two-story home with bad knees or back. I know that must be so hard on you!

  3. I'm fed up with cold, wet and windy weather, too. Still, as the old saying goes, Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!
    I do hope you get the bungalow, even if there's only a slim chance. At least you know there are nice bungalows out there.
    Glad your guts have settled, too. I know what that's like, and it's not nice. xx

  4. I always find that we wait for the better weather and kid ourselve that it will arrive in March. We maybe get a couple of nice days and then we say that April will be better but often it snows in April. By the time the Summer comes we only have a few weeks and we are plunged back into Autumn again. Still it's the anticipating that keeps us all going isn't it?

  5. Even if you aren't lucky with the bungalow it's good to get some practice in with the bidding process. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that!

  6. I am glad you put in for that bungalow. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Sorry about the weather, hopefully things improve very soon.

    God bless.


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