Wednesday, 15 March 2023

It's all 'oh bugger'.....'oh ok'

 We wanted to go to the caravan yesterday (it was forecast to be a bright sunny, albeit windy and not very warm, day, and so it was), but with the car problems we decided it was best not to.  Husband finally managed to get through to the AA yesterday morning - he couldn't get through at all the previous day on the journey home from Taunton, they just weren't answering the phone - just a recorded message saying they were having problems!!!  Oh really?!?!  What did they think we were having?!  😒😡.  Anyway, the AA man turned up at home (thank goodness for home start) fairly quickly yesterday morning.  He thought he'd identified the problem and told husband to take the car to the garage and give them the work sheet he provided, he said the garage could claim for the work direct from the AA (we have a warranty with them, as well as roadside and home assistance).  So hopefully that'll get sorted soonish.  However, he said the car should be fine in the meantime.

My bank card problems appear to have been resolved - I tried using the card again yesterday and this time it worked perfectly on idea why it wouldn't work on either contactless or PIN before, although it let me get cash out of a hole in the wall - go figure!  Anyway, it works now and that's all that matters, one less thing to worry about.

The problem relative was at it again yesterday, virtually as soon as I unblocked him, so he promptly got blocked again.  I know he's got mental problems and to a large extent he can't help it, but his so-called problems that he goes on and on about in massive amounts of detail, and for hours, are so completely and utterly trivial in nature, they can't even be classed as problems.  And he's so totally self-absorbed, he's oblivious to other people's real problems.  He won't listen to anyone and the longer he goes on and on, the more abusive he gets.  He had both a mental health worker and a social worker, but was eventually really rude to both of them and ordered them to take him off their books and not to contact him anymore.  If he refuses all professional help, then I'm afraid he's on his own.

We've got quite a lot of Spring bulbs flowering in the garden now.....some of them got beaten down by the snow last week but they've all bounced back.  I've got a pot of pink hyacinths in full bloom on the kitchen windowsill and they smell wonderful.  Lots of trees around are in full blossom now, I do love the blossom.  And there are little newborn lambs everywhere we go.  Spring is truly my favourite season, it's full of new things, promise and hope.

It's back to being frosty and very cold this morning.  That's preferable to rain or snow!

Thank you again for all the comments.  I'm holding myself together at the mo, my sanity is (just about!), I don't know 😂


  1. My bankcard works when it feels like it...and if these stores would upgrade their equipment they might Work properly.
    No idea what's up with your car but I hope it gets resolved soon.

  2. Let's hope the car problem is sorted, for good. You're quite right to block your relative. You have enough on your plate without taking on his problems. If he refuses professional help, why should you step into the breach?
    Spring is slowly springing here, too. I only have 1 hyacinth. It was in a pot with some tete-a-tete daffs, in my Mum's room at the nursing home. When she died, I planted them in the garden outside my kitchen window, where they bloom every spring. Always makes me smile. xx

  3. My brother also had problems on Monday getting through to the AA via his Ford recovery contract, but managed to "limp" home. It appeared they did have problems somewhere. The AA turned up on Tuesday. A spring had broken at the front and the car required lifting at the front and riding on its back wheels. The AA man said he hadn't been trained to do that so my brother was waiting for another AA man to arrive at about 6.00 p.m. My brother was not "Happy Teddy".

  4. Hope the car problem gets fixed so you can enjoy a trip to the caravan for a day or so weather permitting.

    God bless.

  5. My daughter was way down the list of people eligible for her present housing association house she applied anyway and everyone before her passed on it. It is a beautiful location on the side of a loch but not easy to travel to but as she works from home it is great for her. As they say if you don't try you can't win fingers crossed for you.


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