Sunday, 12 March 2023

It's all irritation these past few days

 Husband's new phone that he's had for 3 weeks now isn't working out very well at all.  It's a smart phone, albeit a fairly basic one - it's the first time he's had a smart phone and just isn't getting on with it.....I had my doubts that he would.  He simply cannot understand how to use it, even to look at texts - despite me showing him numerous times already.  I know he's never going to grasp it - even without any possible dementia stuff, he just isn't tech savvy when it comes to phones and computers.  So we've been out and bought him a very basic phone that just has call and texting capabilities, and is able to take basic photos - no internet stuff.  That's all he needs and he's agreed he's completely baffled by the smart phone.  The new phone is currently being charged and then I'll set it up for him with his family/friends numbers.  The smart phone we'll keep, it'll be a useful back up if my phone ever goes least I know how to work it!

I had a letter yesterday from physio to say that my next appointment with them has been cancelled and rearranged - that's 3 appointments they've cancelled, including the new exercise class, and each rearranged appointment is getting further and further away.  In view of the fact that I've only seen the physio twice, the second time for only 10 minutes, and all she does is give me exercises to do at home, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it's all a waste of time - my next appointment is now 5 weeks away and has been made a phone appointment instead of a face to face one....what's the point of that?  It's all very well simply being given exercises to do at home, but remembering to do them all the time, especially when my mind is otherwise occupied, isn't always easy.  I'm even doubting that the proposed new exercise class will take place, seeing as they couldn't get any other patients to show any interest in it and the first class has been postponed for 6 weeks away.  I'm seriously considering calling it a dead loss and going back to my osteopath instead - at least I can get appointments with her pretty easily, she doesn't cancel and, most importantly, her treatments work.  Admittedly I have to pay for it - the reason I stopped going before - but now I have the extra money coming in (the carers allowance) I can justify the expense.  

I'm falling out of love with cooking lately - obviously I do cook every day, but just don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore that I used to have.  And I'm looking more and more for ways to ease the time I actually spend cooking....such as using tinned potatoes instead of fresh ones - we don't eat a lot of potatoes so they tend to be sprouting by the time I get round to using them.  Coincidentally, Sue in Suffolk put on a foodie post today, featuring tinned potatoes, and got a couple of very sniffy (downright rude actually) comments about them!  Honestly, they're spuds, conveniently prepped, what's so terrible about that?  Tinned potatoes are actually very nice roasted, we've had them often, and now I airfry them - even quicker and still delicious.  I don't know why some people are so up themselves about tinned foods, they're very convenient, good value and STILL just as good for you nutritionally!

The problematic relative was in full flow the past couple of days, droning on and on over WhatsApp and on FB about something that had upset him.  It turned out to be nothing really - he got a 'like' for something he'd put on FB - purporting to be from a famous comedian.  Only it wasn't really from him, it was clearly a scam of some sort (it was claiming he'd won a prize, in a competition he hadn't even entered, so it was obvious it wasn't real).  Relative was getting his knickers in a twist about it....I just thought oh get a real problem for goodness sake!  And temporarily blocked him again.  I can't be doing with trivialities right now.


  1. We have very basic "dumb" phones. Don't even have a camera (the Doro ones for oldies!🧓 😁) I still have to help husband when he needs to add/delete numbers or read messages!
    What's wrong with tinned food? For singletons or couples, they're great, especially if you can only buy veg in large family sized bags. We use tinned and frozen veg a lot. Used to use tinned potatoes, which make nice mash BTW, but since we're now doing a low-carb diet, they're out the window!
    I think you're wise to go back to your osteopath, if her exercises work. A phone consultation just doesn't make sense. As you say, your carer's allowance will pay for it, and after all, that's what it's for - to help you in whatever you need.
    Good work blocking your negative relative. You have your own problems and don't need them to add to your worries.
    Have a good day, Sooze. xx

  2. There are times that I really miss my old flip phone.... However now that I have figured out more of the features on this phone I am a bit happier.

    Tinned foods are just fine. Why on earth does it matter what a person uses if it makes life easier.

    God bless.

  3. I'm guessing that your husband has had a urine test recently but if not it could be a water infection causing his confusion and memory problems. Was just a thought as this happened to my Dad and because he wasn't in any discomfort we never suspected a uti x

    1. He has, Hazel, and it's not a UTI, but thank you for the thought.


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