Friday 23 November 2018

Bit worrying

We both had a bit of a scare yesterday.  Husband goes out with a neighbour and his dog, Betty's 'frenemy' (they alternate between playing together happily and snarling at each other, although don't do any harm to one another) for dog walking each afternoon, they're out for about an hour.  Well, yesterday he was back within half an hour and didn't look very well at all - he was extremely breathless, noticeably so, and said he didn't feel well.  I first ascertained whether he had any chest pain (he didn't), then sat him down in an armchair, gave him a blanket, turned the heating up and made him a hot drink.  The breathlessness eventually wore off, but he still didn't feel well.  I asked for advice on the Pumping Marvellous (the heart failure charity) Facebook group, and quickly got several replies.  The general consensus of opinion was that HF patients don't do well in cold weather (it was freezing yesterday), especially if they're breathing in cold air.  The advice was to make sure they're wrapped up warmly if they go out, wearing several layers and keeping all extremities covered up.  People also suggested wearing a thermal face mask (like a ski or motorcycling mask) or a scarf wrapped round the mouth and nose, so they're not breathing the cold air in directly.  And speak to GP if worried.

I was reassured by the knowledge that it's a common reaction to the very cold weather....that charity FB page is so brilliant, I've had lots of helpful stuff from them - as they're all heart failure patients themselves, they know exactly what they're talking about.  Another friend also sent me a link to a thermal face mask, I've ordered 2 and they'll be here Monday or Tuesday.

Husband slept like a baby last night....I on the other hand had a terrible night, kept waking up every half hour or so, checking he was still alive!  This morning he says he still doesn't feel well, although the breathlessness has gone, and he's gone back to bed....from what he's described, I think he's coming down with a virus or something.  Whatever it is, it can't be too bad as he ate all his dinner last night and made himself porridge for breakfast!

When I started up this new blog, for various reasons I tried to make it 'Private, for invited readers only'.  Blogger wasn't having it though for some reason (probably my error!), I kept getting emails from invited readers saying they were denied access to the new blog.  So I reluctantly set it to public.  I was advised yesterday that someone has published a link to my blog on a forum we both belonged to.  What a blooming cheek!  Nothing I can do about it, what's done is done.  Hey ho.  I can't stop people reading my blog, unless I have another go at making it private - which frankly I just can't be bothered with again - but won't let it bother me or stop me from writing what I want.  And I will exercise my right not to publish comments if I don't want to.


  1. Good to hear about sensible people giving sensible advice Sooze.
    I had a similar problem (lblog link being published without my knowledge) and the person concerned just said Hard Luck. I didn't even frequent the forum and they fancied something I'd knit - I don't think I'd have minded if I'd been asked first but wondered where all these readers were coming from and followed the link to them.
    I was going to say just keep your posts 'light' but that takes away from you talking about what's uppermost in your mind at the time.
    Take care

  2. Hope your husband is feeling better today.
    Keep warm.
    Hazel c uk

  3. That sounds a very worrying experience, Sooze. I am sure you are right and it was the very cold and misty air plus maybe going down with something and I'm glad he's eating well.
    A pain about the blog but you are absolutely within your rights to refuse any messages you want to refuse. Your blog, your rules!

  4. I hope that S is soon back to normal! xx

  5. Hope DH is better soon. It is such a worry when you know they're not feeling 100% Maybe one of your blog readers can walk you through how to make your blog private. I don't know how to do it but I'm sure someone must know.

  6. How scary for you both. I'm glad you got some good advice and hopefully the mask will prevent it from happening again.

    Carry on writing just what you want and just ignore anyone who tries to upset you Sooze. if you completely ignore them they will soon get fed up. They are just not worth it.

  7. Do hope that your husband is soon feeling better. The temperature is changing so quickly at the moment - one day quite mild and the next really cold. The face masks sound a good idea. Regarding your blog - it's yours and therefore your rules should be fine with everyone. Hope you both have a good weekend. XX

  8. How scary, I remember waking up in the night after tom had his heart attack checking if he was breathing. Hope he feels better soon but probably was the cold.

  9. Sorry to hear you're both suffering with the lurgy and hope you'll feel better soon.
    As you said, blooming cheek! I wonder, could you ask the administrators of the forum to remove the reference or delete the post that contains the link to your blog? After all you did not give permission and with the new GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulations) you may have a good case.


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